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1 Jun

Ralu Land – the story of a dream

I first found out about Ralu Land last year around this time of the year. I noticed some beautiful clothes for my baby that captured my attention. As I know quite a few things about fashion and fabrics, I noticed the quality of the materials and the beauty of the designs and I ordered. 

As our order arrived I feel for their designs, fabrics and care they showed to every detail. After this experience, every time I got the chance and I saw something I thought my baby boy would wear, I ordered. In time I got to know the women behind the brand and their story, and I really came to love this brand. 

This is why in this special month where we celebrate our children, I write about some of the special babies and kids Romanian designers and Raluca Maria Avadani is one of them.

Raluca Maria Avadani – the woman that created this brand

She is a young woman and mum who lives in Iasi, Romania, and has lived there ever since she was born. Studied there and for her degrees and now she is a mum.

She has a sweet little boy named Sebastian and she is soon to become a mom of two. She has always been passionate about art, drawing, painting and sewing. Sewing became more of a necessity since Sebastian was born and she wanted to dress her baby in beautiful clothes made from natural fabrics and if she could, why not made it with her hands themselves? ” As a mum, I wish to create comfortable kids clothes, and now that I am expecting the second baby boy I can say that I excited to prepare so many little and cute baby clothes.” (Raluca)

Even though her dream about creating clothes was not mainly about kids clothes, it soon became what she loved and with what she started. 

This is how Ralu Land started.

Ralu Land – the brand 

I said women above as I know she is working next to her mum, which I love.

Ralu Land concept is a simple one – clothes made from natural fabrics, for kids and women, with a simple and comfortable design, preferrable sizeless, which will bring comfort as well as protection, quality and durability.

She chooses quality not quantity for her and her family and this is the same that she does for her brand. It is important that what she creates is sustainable and ethical, not just from the point of view of the fabrics that she uses, but as well she does not do big batches, she recycles what she can and makes other clothes from leftovers. 

Starting December 2020, Ralu Land has a new home; a space only for sewing and creating these beautiful items. 

The fabrics

Ralu Land uses natural fabrics like wool, organic cotton, linen, hemp, silk, but also beautiful combinations of these fabrics. 

The plans

In its new home, Ralu Land intends to open a showroom for those clients that wish to see the fabrics they use.

As the brand developed nicely this last year and a half, she has big plans for the brand. They wish to make this brand known all over the world. However, in the third trimester of her pregnancy, really big plans will have to wait until next year. 

Being a mum is not an easy task and some of these great Romanian kids designers make things easier when they select fabrics that care for our kids’ skin. 

I know that buying from Ralu will give me comfort that I make the right choice. She is always available for any questions you may have and she is nice to answer and help you choose what best fits your kid. 




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