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About Couturetribune


We all have a wardrobe may it be smaller or bigger but there are times when we lack ideas on how to boost it. Make sure you follow the posts for updates on what is trendy, how to wear what you have and make a comeback of your personal style. Trends change with each season but what does not change is your style? Learn how to stay loyal to your style by applying the new trends in the market.

Do you want to stay stylish anywhere you travel round the world? Each country, city and location has its style and if you want to mingle with the locals make sure you check some of our posts. They will help you find tips how to stay fashion while travelling and pack for your next holiday.

Looking for your next holiday destination? Need to know what to tick while in a city break? Do you want to make sure you choose the best hotel and restaurants? I try to provide you with as many details and insights and more than just photos, to make sure you have a perfect holiday.

Also sharing some of my family and life insights. Hope they will inspire and help you in your everyday life and make the most out of every day. I believe family is the key for everything, if you have love for your family, then you have success in everything.

Couturetribune hopes to inspire and guide you to have a stylish and fulfilled life in all its aspects – personal and professional. Fashion is about being equally beautiful inside and outside.

Who is Diana Sterescu


Couturetribune creation

Diana Sterescu: Founder, Blogger, Fashionista

Couturetribune has just opened its doors and desires to grow and inspire women all over the world and not only – as well men wanting to get an insight into the women world and understand them better - if they have patience :).

This is a new chapter in my life I want to share with you.

I’m in a continuous development

I am a self-learner, a person that loves being asked for advices and giving them to family and friends. I love fashion and have quite well developed my skills on this field; I have also been a content creator for 10 years now for various online blogs and magazines, so I thought it is high time to develop my own blog and write about what I love, what I am knowledgeable and what I am passionate about.

While I do not actually have a fashion background as finished master in International Communication Affairs, have lived all my life in a house where grandma was THE designer in the small village she lived in. Everyone from the mayor’s wife to my mum, my sister and me, came to her to style and create dresses, pants, blouses, coats you name it. She was really famous and I was by her side each summer and winter school vacation.

This was my first connection to the fashion world for sure. I was by her side whenever I got the chance, sew, designed, helped her etc.

I adore fashion

Fashion and keeping up with the trends are my passions. Travelling comes along, as I love seeing other cultures, other places in the world that inspire me and sharing my thoughts on this. This is a reason I thought I should start this journey here and share it with you.

I strongly believe that life is not about finding yourself, but it is more about creating yourself. Creating this blog and developing it with you, is helping me create myself and hope it will help you as well.

You can find inspiration in everything and looking properly at your life will confirm this. Let’s find it together.

Hope you will enjoy this online magazine as much as I do in creating it. Thank you for reading.

*Couture = origin – French: literally, sewing, seam// the production of high-end, custom-made clothing// being, having, or suggesting the style, the quality.