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Category: Life

21 May

Celebrate International Children’s Day with your child buying local

1st of June is just around the corner and if you want to celebrate you child, your inner child and your family and friends, what better way to do this than with a toy? I know, we all think of clothes as we like them and especially those for our children, but I bet they are far more happy when they receive a toy, may it be little or big. It is a toy.  These being said I thought I could leave you some ideas from where to buy local this 1st of June. They are some local business, small ones, some of them belong to mothers that know the needs of a child. And as I said, you can always find...
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24 Feb

Travelling boundaries in 2021

A new year with some travel restrictions still in place and where the restrictions are not so strong, we feel insecure about pretending everything is back to normal as far as travel concerns. In 2021 people slowly start to take their lives back and do some travelling. Some have already booked a few days far from their home, while others look for a stress free location or wait to see how things evolve.  With or without this situation, life does not sit still and we have to live it. More than this, we feel like going places, we have this desire and this need to go out of our houses, of our surroundings.  But what do you say?  Should we travel freely and...
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31 Dec

Happy New Year

The end of 2020 is near and I can sincerely say it has been a great year.  We spent more time with the family, we got to know more of each other and we spent more time in our home. All of these helped us grow and rely more on each other. While this has been great and we are happy we are healthy and our families as well, looking forward to a new year - 2021 when we can show our baby more of this world.  Thank you God for 2020! Let's embrace the new year with positivity and love! Happy New Year from our family to yours!   ...
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26 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving

There comes a time each year when we all remember some of the things we are grateful for. Whilst we sure give thanks during the year as well, the month of November holds this specially for it. On Thanksgiving and when it is close, I like to take my time and go through all the things I am thankful for.  Last year has been the best year from my entire life and it continued with this year. So yes, I can say that I am blessed. I am blessed and I know that I cannot take this for granted. I thank God for everything I have. I am thankful for my family, for the baby I have, for the husband I have, for...
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27 Aug

Travel – titude

Travelling as we once did is on a break for now with this situation that makes us be more careful about how we travel, where we travel and when we travel. As we have passed the middle of 2020 and the situation with the global health crisis is still going on, the travel - titude of people all over the world has changed significantly. We have learnt that social - distancing does not come with a bad meaning, but with respect for the other's personal space and love for human kind. From many perspectives, even after this situation is long gone, this respect for the other personal space will remain. I would say this is a good lesson to learn.  This has...
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