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8 Jun

LittleBibs – a unique designs business

LittleBibs is a Romanian brand for kids that belongs to a mum. What caught my attention when I first saw it on Instagram is the fact that the clothes are able yo be worn on a longer period of time. And I have not heard of this till then. 

She makes 2 sizes that grow with your baby – from 3 months to 18 months and from 1 year to 3 years. So it is a great choice if yoi want something sustainable, if you care to have quality fabrics for your little one that take the test of time and if you love a unique design.

Loriana – The woman behind LittleBibs

She is a young student in the 4th year at the Faculty of Medicine and a young mum. She has a sweet girl who inspires her in every way, especially whem creating an dchoosing fabrics. 

The LittleBibs begginings

This great adventure started with Clara, her baby girl. Clara was in the period when her teeth started to erupt and needed a lot of bibs. Clara’s grandmother being a seamstress, decided to make bibs for her granddaughter. This is how LittleBibs started. They began making cotton bibs, then muslin ones, then all sorts of accessories a baby needs and soon they started to confront with the clothes problem.

Many clothes that Clara had were worn only 1 or 2 times as they used to remain small very fast. She was blessed she received a lot of baby clothes from relatives and friends, but if she were to buy her baby girl all those clothes, it would have been quite expensive. Anyhow, apart from what they received, they also wanted to come uo with a solution that would be also good for the babies and for the parents

Muslin romper

Clara wearing the muslin romper

Adjustable cotton rompers

Adjustable cotton rompers

Adjustable cotton winter theme romper

Adjustable cotton pants

Adjustable cotton velour pants

 This is how the adjustable LittleBibs overalls and pants were born. The perfect solution for the babies in the period of theur lives when they grow so fast. They exist in 2 differebt sizes from 3 months to 18 months and from 1 year to 3 years. For those that need, they can also be made for 3 years to 6 years.

Choosing the fabrics

With the sensitive skin of babies and kids in mind, the fabrics used are first of all natural, then they are of quality and have either Oeko – Tex or GOTS standards. 

Their sizes, their fabrics, the process of creating their clothes makes them sustainable. And being a mother you start to think about sustainability and the world we leave behind to our children. 

The future

Young mum, medicine student, designer, is a lot for a youbg woman to take on. While until the first half of the year LittleBibs still took orders, they decided that in order to maintain a balance they will have a stock from time to time and every mum that wants something beautiful for her child, can order from the stock.

Besides adjustable pants and overalls, Loriana hopes to add some new adjustable clothes in the future.

I reccommend trying some of their clothes, you will choose great for your child, quality materials and also support sustainability. 


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