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Category: Fashion

18 Jan

Bold colours for this year

We begin the year in a colourful note and this is just because the bold colour combinations are back. And not because of me who I absolutely love bold colour.  Prints are almost gone and back to basics with fabrics that make a statement through colour, not through prints. Do you have this in your wardrobe? If not, they are a must. They can make any dull day a happy day. They can add a great vibe to your personality. You cannot go wrong with whatever bold colour you choose.   Back in time   Moreover, people changed their perception of colour and clothing. Many of us see them as a "healing modality" according to Dr Dawnn Karen, a psychologist. The first time I remember the bold colour combinations...
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30 Sep

Loungewear for the fall season

Work-life continues to mean work from home life.  While this work from home life is perceived differently in some perspectives, the dress code is most probably the same. I would not go that far and assume you prefer to work in your sleeping pyjamas, but I would state that loungewear is the dress code chosen when working from home.  Below, I have put together some lounge wear pieces for this season that will create that comfort you need while working and having to stay focused.  Take a look and select your favourite (s) for a good day of work. Loungewear items 1. Answear Lab  2. Answear Lab autumn set 3. ASOS DESIGN lounge zip through hoodie in black 4. Women'secret velour pearl detail loungewear set in green 5. In...
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29 Jul

Summer sales: dos or donts? Can you resist a good bargain?

We do not really go our that much or at least as much as we did, to coffee shops, terraces, restaurants. We have reduced them to a minimum and that is good as this is for our safety.  However, fashion continues to exist and collections change. With a new collection, here come the sales on the old one. End of June, the beginning of July is the peak sales season where you can actually find sizes for what you put your eyes on months before.  Do we really buy this sales season or not, in what team are you? These last few months have taught me a lot about online shopping and I do it so naturally and so fast, that even I...
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