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Top 5 ideas for a wedding anniversary gift for him
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28 Mar

Top 5 ideas for a wedding anniversary gift for him

We have been married for some time now, well not so long as not to remember but long enough to have made a lot of gifts and have to brainstorm for new ideas once every about  six months or so. Why twice a year? Well because it was my magnificent idea to have two separate weddings, at two different dates, but in the same year and as winterish as possible.

The idea in itself remains magnificent, as I like receiving gifts and celebrating and I like making gifts as well. The hard part is finding the perfect one.  

Both I and my better half do not settle for just anything so the present hunting begins.

He is a practical person so prefers gifts that have a practical use and not just meaning. Some of the main things on my list are:

  1. Samsung smart watch Gear S3 Frontier – as he is a Samsung guy, really been wanting this watch for a long time. Did no buy it as we could not agree on the bracelet type; he likes the silicon one while I prefer the leather one. However, I know buying him the watch with the silicon one will make his day. it offers the possibility to stay in touch without even reaching for your phone, it has the Samsung Pay incorporated that allow you to make payments; the GPS helps you track your physical activity while also guiding you wherever you may want to go; and many features guys just love having.
  2. Cologne – always a hit when I buy it. The A* Men is a best choice for daring and strong men. It symbolizes (gives away) the gentlemen in each man wearing it. For this time around my choice is the A*Men pure maltz. It is an elegant scent with smoky and sensual accents. It reminds one of good old whiskeys.
  3. Tickets to the next FORMULA 1 Grand Prix Austria. That is for both of us to enjoy. Located in Spielberg, one can see magnificent mountain views while being a part of the F1 experience. Red Bull ring offers both long straight as well as short turns. It is one of the most exciting racing rings of F1.

    Sven Brandsma on Unsplash

  4. NIKEiD sports shoes that can be personalized. You can choose to write whatever you want on them in a limit number of characters. Moreover, you can also choose the model and the color combinations of your choice.
  5. Tickets to the next El Classico. Being a FC Barcelona fan he would love to see them playing live and enjoy every moment of it. You can buy tickets from various sites, but the best is to buy from the Barcelona official site and make sure you’ve got the right ones.

While these are a few things that would make my hubby happy, share your thoughts on what are your wedding anniversary gift ideas. 

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Diana Sterescu
  • Roza

    Great ideas

    March 29, 2018 at 6:59 pm Reply

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