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3 Dec

The magic of Christmas all year round

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and for those that love it, it is in their hearts all year round.

This year is the first time I have ever been to a Christmas House and it was a wonderful experience. I will for sure repeat this experience in the near future as the feelings I had and the joy I felt while visiting the Christmas House cannot compare to anything. It is that pure feeling that you remember since you were a child and the one you only experience during this blessed period of the year.

The location

The wonderful Christmas House I visited is located in Karlovy Vary and it was on the visit list ever since I knew we will be going to Karlovy Vary. More on Karlovy Vary I have a previous post, but I left this for a new article, as I promised I will.  It can be visited all year round, except on the days of 24th December and 1st January. It is better to check the program before planning your visit.

Anyone can visit it, the little children the children of all ages and the grown-ups. However, I really do not know how a child will react to it, taking into consideration how excited I was. Make sure you have enough money on you if you are with children, as, there are many beautiful things you can purchase.

About the Christmas House

Before entering, you can admire an eight meters high Christmas tree with 6480 lights and covered with hand printed decorations. On entering, you will smell the Christmas biscuits and spices all around. Everything you see exhibited you can buy; also, you can find inspiration and help for your next Christmas.

This place offers various location – it is the Christmas house decorations, the Magical City, the Christmas Museum and the Teddy Bear museum. I would advise you to take at least 2 hours for this visit. We stayed 2 hours as we went too late, (we thought it was a one hour visit) and it closed so yeah … we stayed till the closing time.

The visit

You can read as much as you want about it but nothing prepares you for the unique experience. For the Christmas lovers this is a one of the kind experience and it is a perfect present for your loved one if you know Christmas is the favorite holiday.

Visiting it made me want to visit more Christmas Houses around the world. It is one of the most beautiful Christmasssy things and places I have ever seen and been to. I cannot compare it with Christmas markets either as it is another feeling. I believe that having visited in a period when it was not Christmas time has made these feelings stronger. I was very impressed and touched by everything here – by how sales people actually lived and breathed Christmas, I could see and realize how much they love the Christmas spirit and they live to represent it, how much they respect Christmas traditions and absolutely their love for Christmas. They have such strong feelings that they can make a disbeliever believe in Christmas.

Now I will just leave you to enjoy some of the photos I took and some little movies. I really recommend it and if you have time this period of the year, I believe it will be a great Christmas experience.





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Diana Sterescu
  • Madalina Oanta

    Wow 🙂 great article 🙂 when you read it you feel the magic of Christmas 🙂

    December 6, 2018 at 12:49 pm Reply

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