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31 Dec

New Year is to give thanks

This is the last day of 2019 and the New Year is nearer every minute that passses. 2019 taught me to love more, to laugh more and to have more faith. It is this year that I found myself fullfilled and I could not be more thankful for this. 

I hope you also had a good year, full of good things and love, a year when you allowed yourself to live with an open heart and a positive mind and faith.

The more you open your heart and let your fears, your worries aside and belief and hope for the best and have faith, the closer you are to your real life and real you and to fulfill your dream. 

For this New Year I just wish I can thank God enough for what He blessed me with in 2019 and be worthy of His gift! For me there was no greater dream than the one I had in 2019 and God answered my prayers. 

I leave 2019 happier, fullfilled, filled with love and thanks for God and enter 2020 with a family I love, with a happy heart and ready to take care of my family! 

Let 2020 see the best in you and give thanks for what you have!


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Diana Sterescu
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