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28 Nov

10 unique holiday gifts for in-laws

The holidays are just around the corner and the gift list is big, we all know this. Choosing the perfect gift for the loved ones is important this is why I come in your help with some unique gifts ideas to choose for your in-laws.

They are an important part of your life and you do not want to disappoint, we are all in this position. This is one more reason to do furrow research when you want to get them a present as keeping them happy and making a good impression is a way to thank them for welcoming you into the family and loving you.

The list below is to help you make the right choice with less stress and let you feel the holiday cheer.

Gifts for mother-in-law

  1. Wood Serving Tray

Quality is very important in making a gift, at least this is how it is for me. A gift should represent both you, your respect for the person you give it to and as well the person’s wishes and needs. If your mother-in-law enjoys being a host and has many gatherings during the year, this serving tray will come in handy for both drinks and appetizers.

  1. Cheese knives

I have always wanted to have a nice set of cheese knives, but again I have always believed it to be better as a present, but not to me, though I could buy one for myself as well. For any party, cheese serving is that moment when you do not know how and with what to combine it. The truth is that cheese goes best with cheese and raisins and that’s it. Not anything near it. So, adding to a nice wood serving tray the set of cheese knives may just be the perfect gift for a mother-in-law that appreciates these.

  1. Chanel No. 5

I know I know, there are so many new perfumes nowadays, but what is true about Chanel No. 5 is that you will never fail with this one. Find a holiday gift set with Chanel No. 5, may it be with a smaller perfume and body lotion, it will surely be very much appreciated. Find it on

Gifts for father-in-law

  1. Wine Chiller 

Just like the cheese knives, the wine chiller even though a must for any house that has many guests going around, is something that you would better receive or give as a gift. This special one will look just great on any counter-top.

  1. Non-spill glasses

For the wine-connoisseur father-in-law, a set of non-spill glasses is the perfect present. They are suitable for outdoors and any household that has clumsy people (like me for example). They actually do not spill if they are bumped, but they roll around and this is a motion that aerates the wine at the same time.

  1. World Travelers Globe

If your father-in-law is passionate about travel and places like mine, then a world glove where he can spin together with your mother-in-law through memories of their past journeys or mark the spots where they plan to go next. Add some pins so that he is able to mark the places. He will love the originality of the idea for sure.

Gifts for both

  1. Board Game

A family gathering is always fun and appreciated by the in-laws for sure. Every parent is glad when his child comes and spends some quality time with the family. Choosing a board game that is for family and that can bring some fun moments into your gatherings, is a good idea that will be appreciated for sure. You can choose between the below.

  1. Morning coffee mugs

A set of two morning coffee mugs is a nice gift. Choosing some ceramic set with a special keep warm for a longer possibility will be much appreciated. Moreover, you are sure to be thought of and thanked for each morning J make sure you know what their colors of choice are or go with nude.

  1. Espresso maker

Being at a beautiful age when they can enjoy their morning coffee together at home, an espresso maker is a very good idea. Choose one that will leave them breathless and that will make the smell of the coffee reach their nose and enjoy it before even tasting it. Make sure it also has some other choices like cappuccino, latte macchiato, café latte so that they can taste one different coffee each morning. The one below is a great choice.

  1. Gift basket with edible treats

You want to have a relaxed as possible pair of in-laws during and after the holidays as well. This gift basket with gourmet treats will give them a helping hand and decrease the work they have to put in preparing some of these treats.  Make sure you choose one that will be on their likes.

Hope I helped you take some holiday gift and made your life easier. What have been other go-to gifts for your in-laws till now?

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Diana Sterescu
  • hanmwill

    Great post! Love all these ideas, definitely helpful in finishing up the last of my Christmas shopping!

    November 28, 2018 at 9:59 am Reply

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