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24 Feb

Travelling boundaries in 2021

A new year with some travel restrictions still in place and where the restrictions are not so strong, we feel insecure about pretending everything is back to normal as far as travel concerns.

In 2021 people slowly start to take their lives back and do some travelling. Some have already booked a few days far from their home, while others look for a stress free location or wait to see how things evolve. 

With or without this situation, life does not sit still and we have to live it. More than this, we feel like going places, we have this desire and this need to go out of our houses, of our surroundings.  But what do you say? 

Should we travel freely and go with the flow?

I am still debating this in my mind but I tend to like the idea to travel and to follow the restrictions that can keep us and our families safe. 

Safe destinations in Europe

It is safe to say, that with or without vaccine we should be careful. However, when wanting to travel, choose destinations that remained stable through this situation. 

Choosing Europe, you can opt for Madeira Islands in Portugal. It had very good health measures in place since the beggining, which helped it have very few cases. You can enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and the clear skies.

Madeira Islands, have been named the best island destination in the world every year since 2015. Besides the beautiful beaches, they also have natural lava pools, and unique hiking trails.

Monte Carlo, Monaco is perfect for a young family that likes to combine city and luxury with beach. This Mediterranean city made sure restrictions are respected and has a low rate of cases.

The best time to make a trip to Monte Carlo is in the spring or fall when the weather is great. Expect to find over the top glamour in this premier destination in Europe. 

Asos, Kefalonia Island, Greece is for the lovers of quiet and relaxing life. This hidden fishing village is the place to go and enjoy the crystal – clear seas, the landscapes, the sun on the beautiful Navagio beach.

Here you will find colorful houses, narrow alleys, taverns to enjoy your evening on and peaceful landscapes.

To be able to enjoy these beauties, you have to have a vaccination certificate.

Remember, wherever you choose to go respect the limits, the laws in place, the restrictions, avoid crowded places and relax. 






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