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Category: Travel

26 Oct

Fashion, culture and tastes – reasons to visit Paris in the fall

I have never been to Paris, but I would like to go and see its beauty. Our dear friends have been there a month ago and were kind enough to share the pics, the Parisian feeling they felt and how Paris recharged their batteries. They have been there various time, this was not their first, but they say each time is different and each time is just as beautiful and this "City of Light" or "City of Love" like people like to call it, never disappoints. Sincerely, I cannot wait to go and see how I feel. Anyhow, till then, I want to tell you some short facts about Paris, what to visit, what to enjoy, what to pack and then let you...
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4 Oct

Our trip to the Czech Republic and some thoughts on it

Yes, I know it has been a month today since we came back from our last holiday and no updates on it. So sorry for this as have been thoroughly busy with all sorts of things. Anyhow, cutting it to the point, the trip to the Czech Republic has been amazing. While our last trip was in Budapest, this was for sure better than the Budapest trip. Though I did not have so much shopping possibilities on our way back, I enjoyed the trip itself. Brno Our aim was to get to Karlovy Vary, but since it is a long ride from Romania till there, we stopped in Brno for two nights before the Karlovy Vary arrival. Our stay in Brno We stayed at...
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19 Sep

10 best European destinations for this autumn

Fall globetrotting is a must for travel lovers as gold and copper colors leaves you breathless. The below European destinations tips offer a large specter, from those that love sightseeing to those that enjoy being in nature more. Usually during autumn time, the high season is over, the streets will be far quieter and you will surely enjoy your hanging around more than during a very crowded season. You can also get better prices than during the peak of the year and enjoy eating at some of the best restaurants. Gdansk – Poland It is the world’s capital city of amber and an attractive tourist destination. There are a lot of things to do in this modernized city – though it has...
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24 Aug

Tips on how I save money while travelling in style

The new trip is coming closer and closer and I want to share with you some of my tips of how I save money while travelling. Don’t imagine that I abstain myself from the things I love, from the food I like, from the places I MUST visit or from the comfort I find in one of the best hotels of the location. While I make sure I have all the things I need for a perfect vacation, I prepare in advance, I make the travel itinerary, and all that stuff. I like being surprised but only by the beauty of the things I see there and the fact that I actually properly discover new things. But this does not mean that I...
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18 Jul

City-break in the posh Budapest this summer

I have always visited Budapest in winter time till this year – just recently. I decided I should visit one of my favorite cities in the summertime to get the feeling during this period of the year. While up till now we stayed in the Pest area, now we decided to try something new – the Buda part. This was a bad decision, apart from the fact that the hotels are far from being as nice as in the Pest area, we had a lot of climbing and walking to do by foot :)) at first and then by taxis of course ;), the best and the most of the restaurants are in the Pest area – there are some in...
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