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23 Apr

SS19 perfect casual-elegant style shoe – the Mule

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Been wondering to update your wardrobe with a new shoe style? The mules are the perfect acquisition and will be able to last you from spring till early autumn. I have discovered the mules recently and must say I am very pleasantly surprised by them. I love that they come in different shapes, different colours and materials, different heel height and mostly that they are easy to put on. As I myself am a lover of comfortable shoes in which you just slip your feet and you're done, this mules new fashion style or dare I say upgraded from the 90s' offered me a great choice for this spring summer outfits. I love a good suede leather shoe...
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22 Mar

Best colour trends to wear in spring 2019

Spring is here and we are grateful that we can ditch the fluffy clothes and begin to dress lighter as the weather becomes warmer each day. If you are one of those people that like to know what is trendy and see if you can fit in in your style, let us see what are the colours we should use this spring. As you will see there are colours for every taste and type of personality, so this is a spring well – waited for in the fashion world. Neutrals This is a trend that has been around for many years and it comes and goes, however, this year Burberry and Max Mara put great emphasis on using the neutral tones and...
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8 Mar

#BalanceforBetter – International Women Day

International Women Day is held each year on the 8th of March in different countries all over the world. It is believed to have started more than 100 years ago in New York and had different celebratory dates since then. Since 1913 it is celebrated on March 8 and each year it has a different theme.  This is a day when we celebrate the amazing achievements of women along the years - political, social, cultural and economic and the future to come. We are a part of the world and are actually the ones that try to make it better with a lot of hard work and commitment.  We may live in the 21st century but women still need to have a...
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9 Feb

Celebrating Valentine’s Day – social pressure or you feel like it?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We are travelling at the moment and ever since we came here, 4 days ago, in each and every restaurant we have been to, there were signs with "booking Valentine's dinner in advance if you still want to have a romantic outing." And this has got me thinking - Do people still celebrate Valentine's day? And if they do, why do they celebrate it? Is it because they feel like it and they actually believe in this holiday or is it because of the social pressure, everywhere in the social media you can see people getting ready for the day, people buying presents and then people receiving them. Do I celebrate Valentine's day? I used to, I'm not gonna lie and...
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4 Feb

Experiencing France for the first time

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I just had my first visit to France in the Nord - Pas - de - Calais region, and dare I say, it was very different from what I expected, not in a bad way, but in an interesting way. I was very excited to go to France and see this new country, learn about this new culture, try new cuisine and meet new people We decided to land in Paris and leave from Brussels. The actual location where we stayed more days was Lille, but from Paris to Lille we rent a car and drove through the France countryside. We decided to do this as we had some pit stops on the way and wanted to visit them...
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