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Category: Life

17 Nov

Motivational weekend quote – Be grateful

Sometimes it feels like we do not see the results of our work, but most of the times these come in time and hard work and soul must be put in everything you do and the results will show. Do not lose hope just put your heart into everything you do! Today I am grateful! Grateful for everything I have accomplished so far, for everything I have learnt and what I have become, for how life has treated me so far and I know that as long as I put my heart into my work, results will not delay in appearing. Let us all embrace this weekend and be grateful for what we have and put our hearts into everything we do! What are...
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9 Aug

My favorite books of all times

To celebrate Book Lovers Day I have compiled 10 of my favorite books of all times. Today is a great occasion, and excuse for some :), to put aside the tech and enjoy reading a book. I love reading just as much as I love writing. I never forget how happy and satisfied I am every time I buy a book, receive one or borrow one. This is a part of me that I have since childhood, as back at my mom's house we had a lot of books. Mostly during summer time, I enjoy reading; especially outside in the garden in early mornings or late evenings; but also during cozy winter evenings. I cannot say that I read constantly but I...
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18 Jul

City-break in the posh Budapest this summer

I have always visited Budapest in winter time till this year – just recently. I decided I should visit one of my favorite cities in the summertime to get the feeling during this period of the year. While up till now we stayed in the Pest area, now we decided to try something new – the Buda part. This was a bad decision, apart from the fact that the hotels are far from being as nice as in the Pest area, we had a lot of climbing and walking to do by foot :)) at first and then by taxis of course ;), the best and the most of the restaurants are in the Pest area – there are some in...
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20 Jun

Designer labels or fast fashion clothes?

Fashion is a widespread language understood by people all over the world. It is a form of art that brings people together. It celebrates the beauty, each person’s individuality, and creativity. Clothing can be attractive at any price. What is important is how you wear a garment. Fashion comes to your help, puts emphasis on your qualities and hides the “flaws”. Making sure you wear what you should and what characterizes your personality will boost your self – esteem and confidence. This is what fashion is all about. But, how do you get there? What clothes should you choose to buy? The couture designer labels or the fast fashion ones? What do couture designer labels mean? For those that are new in this business...
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15 May

Reasons for which a smile means more than a thousand words

Wear your smile with pride every day. No matter what I have been through I never stopped smiling. People that meet me for the first time actually do not know if they should take what I am saying seriously or not, as I tend to smile quietly often. With a smile, you will see that any worries you have will pass and you will look at the next day in a more optimistic way. Smiling is the best way to face every problem, to crush your fears and hide any pain. It has a great effect on your overall health and as well on the way people will see you. “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” Phyllis Diller Often people do...
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