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Category: Fashion

30 Jul

Top 5 dresses styles you can’t live without this summer

I do not know about you, but this summer is about to get longer than expected. Due to this, the dress became the essential garment in this summer wardrobe. While wearing bright colors will keep you cooler, wearing a dress will add the comfort a hot summer day needs. Are you on holiday at your favorite sea resort? Make sure you stay within the fashion trends for this summer. Cotton midi shirt dress The Fanala Women Casual Vertical Stripe Long Sleeve Pleated Belted Midi Shirt Dress is the perfect cotton pinstripe midi shirt dress is perfect for a day out with the girls or for a dinner on the beach. The midi length makes it a good addition to anyone’s wardrobe, may you...
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20 Jun

Designer labels or fast fashion clothes?

Fashion is a widespread language understood by people all over the world. It is a form of art that brings people together. It celebrates the beauty, each person’s individuality, and creativity. Clothing can be attractive at any price. What is important is how you wear a garment. Fashion comes to your help, puts emphasis on your qualities and hides the “flaws”. Making sure you wear what you should and what characterizes your personality will boost your self – esteem and confidence. This is what fashion is all about. But, how do you get there? What clothes should you choose to buy? The couture designer labels or the fast fashion ones? What do couture designer labels mean? For those that are new in this business...
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10 May

The heavenly divine looks on the Met Gala red carpet

On May 7, 2018, in New York at the Met Museum the most important event of the annual fashion calendar took place – the Met Gala. This year the dress code was inspired by the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination theme. This theme and the exposition the theme comes along with; explores the dialogue and the connection between Catholicism and fashion. The exposition is opened starting today May 10, 2018. On the invitation regarding the dress code it was added “Sunday Best” maybe to temper those that had a wild imagination and those that use to appear with little clothes on the red carpet. This theme does not mean too much flesh, out of the contrary as we will be...
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1 May

A must visit to the vibrant and modern city of Valencia

Valencia, Spain is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And Spain is one of my top countries to be in. I cannot say it is “the one” but it sure is on top. I love the language, the atmosphere, the free feeling people here give you, their loudness and their joy of living. It is like you find yourself in a bubble of laughter and noise. As far as Valencia concerns, we have visited it various times in all the seasons and have a pretty good idea about its highs an lows. Every single time we came here, you could see trees filled with oranges all other the place, downtown, in the Turia gardens or just walking around...
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18 Apr

Guide on how to stay stylish while on holiday in Boracay

Boracay is the new must be island. In 2017 it was named “the island that never sleeps”. Currently Boracay is under a 6 months clean up and it will be closed starting April 26. According to the presidential spokesman the water quality is the one that made this closure come sooner rather than later. Ever since February Duterte has been describing the beautiful island as a "cesspool" that needs to be cleaned up. Whilst waiting for this beautiful part of the world to open again, see below how to prepare for a holiday in Boracay. There are many reasons to hit the beach and go on an exotic getaway and Boracay checks them all. You have everything you could wish for -  plenty...
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