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Category: Fashion

23 May

How to wear a jumpsuit this summer for every occasion

Jumpsuits are a great way to dress up quickly and stylishly without too much effort. Or so you may think. Sometimes it takes creativity to make sure you can wear the same jumpsuit for different occasion and as well to stay out of the ordinary and combine it with the right sandals, shoes, mules, then bags and other accessories. It means more to jumpsuits than just an all-in-one garment. They are more versatile than a simple dress or pants and top and they are usually for the fashionistas one. Why is this? Because they are hard sometimes to choose as it is not an easy task to choose how to combine them and this may be detrimental to how you initially...
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23 Apr

SS19 perfect casual-elegant style shoe – the Mule

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Been wondering to update your wardrobe with a new shoe style? The mules are the perfect acquisition and will be able to last you from spring till early autumn. I have discovered the mules recently and must say I am very pleasantly surprised by them. I love that they come in different shapes, different colours and materials, different heel height and mostly that they are easy to put on. As I myself am a lover of comfortable shoes in which you just slip your feet and you're done, this mules new fashion style or dare I say upgraded from the 90s' offered me a great choice for this spring summer outfits. I love a good suede leather shoe...
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22 Mar

Best colour trends to wear in spring 2019

Spring is here and we are grateful that we can ditch the fluffy clothes and begin to dress lighter as the weather becomes warmer each day. If you are one of those people that like to know what is trendy and see if you can fit in in your style, let us see what are the colours we should use this spring. As you will see there are colours for every taste and type of personality, so this is a spring well – waited for in the fashion world. Neutrals This is a trend that has been around for many years and it comes and goes, however, this year Burberry and Max Mara put great emphasis on using the neutral tones and...
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17 Jan

The most stylish year you have ever had

Follow my blog with Bloglovin In the fashion world, there is always a continuous change year after year. However, what does style mean? To me, style is a personal brand that makes you express your personality and character. It is different for each of us and it is unique, thus let’s try and make 2019 the most stylish year for us so far. What does this mean? Should I no longer buy new items? I know, we all love adding something new to our wardrobe, even though we need it or not. And I for one, been having this challenge especially in the sales period. It is hard to teach yourself to buy only what you need and what suits you. What I did this...
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13 Dec

5 winter-festive looks for this holiday season

Winter holidays are festive moments; thus a festive outfit is a great occasion for this celebration. Let's take a look at what designers have in store for us this holiday season and inspire our holiday outfits from the best. Big bold shoulders '80s are back and we love it. Bold shoulders, glam, and a mini dress go perfectly together. Marc Jacobs, Balmain, and Fendi are just three of the designers that show us how to use this trend in our advantage this holiday season. Sequins for a special occasion Sequins are my go-to outfit. They promise to make you the most festive in the room. You can find them all around this holiday season - dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, accessories. Just choose your thing and start combining. Balmain, Gucci,...
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