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28 Aug

Autumn ready in these gorgeous outfits

Vacaying mood is still on for some. However my mood is autumn ready as I tend to like to be prepared in advance for each season. 

Thus my family, especially our toddler and I are autumn ready with wonderful outfits. Well, yes he still has some pending ones but still, the basics are home and we cannot be happier. 

The weather seems to be playing tricks with us lately so being autumn ready at the end of august is sure a good idea. 

Seasons must haves

Like I always say – an oversized scarf never hurt anyone, and surely it did not hurt me. I have them in many colors and combinations so I can use tham as an accessory with almost all my outfits. And sometimes if it does not fit, I still use one. 🙂

Dresses are sure to occupy a great deal in my autumn 2021 wardrobe and I purchased some of them for autumn already. Linen, cotton or jersey, combined with a pair of seamless leggings and a blazer or overshirt it will look great.

Boots, flats, sneakers – dresses or pants, the previous shoes combination cannot sound better. The days when high heels were worn with elegant dresses only or sneakers with sport style pants are gone. Mix and match what you have, create your own color code outfit and own it. This is what makes a great outfit – feeling confident in what you wear. My choice this autumn are mainly sneakers. I love some colorful sneakers with a dress.

Jackets all over – blazer style, denim pieces, overshirts, trench style and even scuba ones – make your pic and combine it. Having one with you any time of the day will be helpful when it gets windier.

Autumn essentials


  1. Mango scarf 
  2. Sisley scarf
  3. Answear Lab cotton scarf
  4. Mango thin Spiagia scarf
  5. Adidas originals scarf


  1. Medicine Summer Linen Dress
  2. Desigual Short Sleeve Dress
  3. Mango ELEA Dress
  4. Medicine Wild at Heart Dress
  5. Answear Lab – OEKO Certificate dress Ethical Wardrobe


  1. Mango Nit boots
  2. Helly Hansen Cora boots
  3. Answear Lab flats
  4. Hoff Baltic Triangle shoes
  5. Vans flats


  1. Y. A. S Waistcoat
  2. Desigual Jacket
  3. Answear Lab Coat
  4. Mango Mary Coat
  5. Desigual Jeans Jacket

Match some of these pieces with what you already own and you are ready for the wonderful colors of autumn.





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Diana Sterescu
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