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29 Jul

Summer at the seaside or in the mountains?

Vacaying with the family is a gift and if possible any child should be given this gift. It is proof that parents should better spend their money on holidays rather than on toys. The holidays are those that have a bigger impact on the children.

We have just started to think of the summer holiday and we really find it hard to decide between the seaside and the mountains. This is why I decided to do a research in the field and see what are the pros for a family with a toddler for each option. 

I am aware what most of families would choose between the two, but I think you should take into consideration your family style and your toddler’s needs and then take a decision. It is easier to go with everyone’s option, but I prefer putting both options in balance first.

At the seaside

1. Clean air and salt sea water

The air we breathe at the seaside is totally different from any other place. It can help clear the respiratory tract and make us stronger when we catch a cold. The iodine it contains is great for toddlers as it contributes to the regular thyroid function. Then, the mineral salt sea water contains, has antibacterial properties that can help heal the atopic dermatitis. 

2. Sensory stimulation

The sand and the water will help with the toddler’s tactile senses.  Letting them sit in the sand and enjoy its warmth will surely be and feel great for their senses.

3. Sunshine

Spending so much time indoors will do nothing but add more happiness to their days. Sunshine at the seaside seems it wraps all of you so it worths give it a try and see if your little one likes so much sunshine. However, as good as it is we have to make sure we take the protective measures and do not expose the toddler at high temperatures. 

4. The ” Blue Space” effect

There is a scientific proof called the “blue space effect” according to which spending time near water is good for our brains. Any body of watre that is – not neccessarily seaside – it can help reduce stress, fight anxiety, depression, increase the creativity level. being near watre and listening to the waves puts us in a state of meditation, when we can just relax and let our imagination run wild. 

5. The sounds of the ocean

The waves have a rhythmic sound, which is believed to be beneficial for the child’s development. Some think they have a meditative effect on the brain and calms the child. 

In the mountains

1. Balance and coordination development

Mountains is a great climbing oppirtunity which in turn will help your toddler gain more balance and coordination of his body. Fine motor skills will also develop.

2. Help them overcome their fears

We all know at some point we had fear of something and still do. So helping them overcome some of the fear of heights and outdoors is a great way to love a healthy life. Showing them the outdoors since they are little will make it easier for them to be less frightened of the unknown. 

3. Stamina and physical strength 

While we may not think of this too much, making sure your toddler has a good stamina and a goos physical resistance is great along the way. Spending time in nature in the mountains will make them stronger and more resistant to health issues. 

4. Mental benefits

The experience of nature compares to nothing we see on television. The freash breath, beautiful sunset, bussin bees and all sorts of singing birds will strenghten the connection with Mother Nature. Nature is a great way to incresae your toddlers motor skills and vision as well as reduce body inflammation. 

5. Increase creativity

A control environment will never teach the child as much as running wild in the nature will. Spending tiem outdoors can teach him infinite things while also understanding the risks involved. It will keep their mind fresh and always in search for new ways to play with what nature provides. Creativity is at its peak. The toddler will grow to adapt to the outside world and love it. 

These are according to what I read the most important pros for each of them. They are what helps me understand the importance of each. However, as I can see there are great benefits for each of them. 

So, maybe choosing one at a time is a possibility. 

What do you choose first?

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Diana Sterescu
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