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4 Apr

Undress World – elegance, joy, peace and balance

In a world where we struggle to do better, to reduce waste, to consume slow, not fast fashion, appears Undress world. 

This Romanian designer brand intends to show how minimal ready – to – wear pieces can change how you feel. Their motto is “freedom to be minimal” and it is what best describes their pieces. 

I own some of their pieces and I can tell they are beautiful and elegant in their simplicity. Moreover, it is their minimalist idea that makes them beautiful. Minimalism is a “state of mind in which you value yourself more than anything else.” (UNDRESS our story)

About the woman behind the brand

Madalina is the founder and the designer of this gorgeous brand. UNDRESS was born in a period when she was searching for her identity, wanted to find THAT one thing that would make her wake up happy in the morning, bring her joy, suits her and became her daily job. It sounds great and she did it. 

She made some design courses when she decided to launch the brand.  First of all, She believes she is a businesswoman and then a designer. She does not think her clothes bring something new to the fashion world, they are what we call “simple with a twist” and they are what she would like to find in the stores. Lucky for her, there are many other women that like this “simple with a twist” design. Myself included. 

UNDRESS World as a brand

The women that buy UNDRESS World pieces are attracted to the minimalist esthetic and believe simplicity is beauty. They do not need to buy known fashion designer clothes and show off with them but prefer quality and simple design without being too ostentatious. They are well informed and ask questions and for them, the manner in which that garment was produced, is as important as the garment itself. 

UNDRESS uses the highest quality natural fabrics and to this, the minimalist design will make you feel cosy and sexy. 

At UNDRESS you can find shirts, unique style dresses, cosy jumpsuits and pants as well as classic coats.

100 % wool sweater

Oversized linen shirt

Comfortable linen pants

Large olive green pants

Grey pants

White colorblock blouse

Blue colorblock blouse

Straight cotton comfortable moustard dress

Moustard yellow jumpsuit

Large moustard jumpsuit

V – back petrol gray t-shirt

The communication is direct through Facebook, Instagram and even their blog, where you can find important information about minimalism in all its shapes, sustainability and in general everything conscious consumerism means. 


Continuing the love and care for nature, earth and sustainability, UNDRESS sustains the idea of “having less in order to become more”. (UNDRESS our story)

It is true, there are many women that still prefer fast fashion brands for many reasons and I believe the price is one of them, but as there are more and more discussions about how this trend is impacting the environment, the workforce exploitation, the clothes provenience, sustainability is taking over day by day. 

UNDRESS world wishes to have a positive impact beyond making beautiful clothes, and she strongly believes we do not have to choose between looking good and doing good. 

This is the path UNDRESS chooses – more qualitative, resistant and sustainable clothing. 

Less is truly more, so they do encourage conscious consumerism, recycling and donating. Sustainability starts with each of us, whether a designer or a buyer. It is a long way to go, but we have to start somewhere as it, first of all, means care for ourselves. 

See more of their pieces on the official site and choose the perfect one for you. I am sure many of you find themselves in this minimalist Romanian designer brand. 

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Diana Sterescu
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