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10 Mar

Izabela Mandoiu – the woman and the brand

I just received a beautiful and exquisite waistcoat designed by Izabela Mandoiu. Suffice is to say that I knew it was beautiful, but far did I know that it was so precious and so much attention to detail is put into creating it.

It is a wool waistcoat and its beauty and properties make me care for it even more. However, this is not the only item I have from Izabela Mandoiu. But it is with the arrival of it that the idea to dedicate a month to a Romanian designer on my site came to my mind.

Wool midi waistcoat with weaved belt

Vesta midi din lana cu centura tesuta

March is the month when we celebrate women all over the world and this month is dedicated to Izabela Mandoiu the woman and the brand. Couldn’t be better, as her pieces are feminine and unique, just like her.

Meet Izabela Mandoiu the woman

She is a young Romanian designer who loves Romanian culture and traditions. Her values of respect and love for people and the environment can be seen in her creations.

She likes beauty and this is seen in her collections. 

Meet Izabela Mandoiu the brand

The Izabela Mandoiu brand came to life on the 10th of March 2014. We celebrate Izabela Mandoiu brand today and we wish it a long life and continue to create with the passion you do!

She has two lines – the modern one and the traditional one. Each of them has two options – Demi Couture Wear and Unique. No matter what line you choose, you will surely look unique and feel comfortable in Izabela Mandoiu clothes.

Romanian traditional blouse sewn with multicoloured sequins


Velvet skirt with handmade sewn beads

Romanian traditional blouse with asymmetric tulle

ROOTS is the name of her 2020 collection and it signifies the need to go back to what really matters in life, to our values, to what makes us happy and fulfilled. It is a collection that keeps the traditional motives while blending them with fluid, modern and feminine fabrics.

Romanian traditional blouse hand sewn on silk organza


Merino wool handsewn dress


Traditional Romanian blouse hand-sewn with red cotton thread

She works with artists that know the art of weaving and that keep Romanian traditions alive. The beautiful pieces are hand swen in direct collaboration with women living in countryside.

No matter what you choose you will see the quality of the fabrics, respect for them, care when sewn, choose wisely and also reusing vintage fabrics. 

The brand is sustainable, tries to use fabrics that are outsourced from Romania and creates atemporal designs. Moreover, when possible it uses vintage fabrics, giving them a new life. 

The blending

The blending is done naturally. It comes from her love of her roots, blending the modern with the traditional. It is her, a woman that likes modern but also likes to continue with the beautiful Romanian traditions. Each item has a story sewn with care and respect for traditions and fashion. And then it becomes you, she makes the garment to suit each one of us.

I invite you to take a look at her site to see the unique handmade pieces.


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