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23 Dec

Merry Christmas

We wish you have a Merry Christmas!

Spend this time with your family thanking God for all you have, showing love to your dear ones, being there not only physical but give all your attention to your loved ones, have activities together, spread joy and laughter, give, give a little present to the dear ones and just be merry and bright.


I do not know what your plans for this Christmas are but I have some tips for relaxing and spreading Christmas magic.

Christmas tips:

– wake up early – you do not want to miss a single second of this wonderful time

dress up as if you are going out or have visitors and spend the day with the family

enjoy your coffee with a little bit of ginger, cream and cinnamon

– treat yourself with Christmas cakes. They always are the best ones from the entire year

– call your dear ones, but do not spend too much time on your phone – the day will go by without noticing and you will not have felt the Christmas spirit by googling or talking on the phone

– that cosy food – have a bit of everything, you will be sorry if you don’t 

snuggle and show your love to everyone in the house

have the Christmas lights on in the house and at the windows and in the backyard

– go out in the snow – look for it if you do not have it. Take the accessories for your favourite winter sport and enjoy the outdoors. For sure, you will feel fresh after this

see the good in what everyone says

smile and laugh as much as you can

– if you have the opportunity to give to someone in need, give

– take it slow. The day has 24 hours and there is no rush to do anything. And Christmas has 3 days

– go to sleep at night by listening to Christmas carols


Christmas magic is everywhere.

You just have to believe and embrace it. 

Let us all have a Merry Christmas and spend these holidays with our families.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

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Diana Sterescu
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