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26 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving

There comes a time each year when we all remember some of the things we are grateful for.

Whilst we sure give thanks during the year as well, the month of November holds this specially for it. On Thanksgiving and when it is close, I like to take my time and go through all the things I am thankful for. 

Last year has been the best year from my entire life and it continued with this year. So yes, I can say that I am blessed. I am blessed and I know that I cannot take this for granted. I thank God for everything I have.

I am thankful for my family, for the baby I have, for the husband I have, for my sister, for my in – laws, for my entire family and for my dear friends.

We live in hard times and it is important to find love and understanding inside your family. And this is a good reason why cherishing your family each day more is important. While friends are also there, they can no longer be as near to us as before. But as each of us decide how to act in today’s hard times, we all accept each other’s decision and love each other from the distance.

It seems that some of the priorities that we used to have along the year vanished and staying healthy, loving your dear ones, caring for you family,  became the only priorities we have.

To me, this year has been about spending more time with my family, getting to know more of each other, enjoying the life in three, loving every second of every day.

I do not know how many of you celebrate this year’s Thankgiving like you used to, with the entire family wrapped around the same dinner table, but however you celebrate it, make sure you style up and feel glamorous. 

What do you feel about this year? 

Did it feel different to you?

Did you change your priorities? Did it have it’s good parts in it as well? Finding yourself again, spending more time with the family, getting more home time. 

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Diana Sterescu
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