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23 Oct

Romanian designers and online shopping

Online shopping is the future. And not only because of the current situation we are in and we have been for some time now but because it really is easier for us to do this online shopping. 

Why online shopping?

It saves

– time to go to the shop

– time to keep looking through clothes till you decide

– time to try on

-time to stay in line to pay

– time to come back home

– time to convince your little one to try on the clothes and to have patience

And if you really think about it, it is far more time than you spend by doing it online. Yes, it is true, you have to try it on when you receive it, you have to pay online by card, but all this time is not as much. And if you need to exchange or send back the item, is easier if you bought it online. 

Since having my baby I do enjoy buying more online, both for him and us. And this is how I came across the below wonderful baby designers. While for us I do buy less from the Romanian designers, for him I try to buy local when I can. 

Romanian baby designers

Sometimes it does not come in that handy, but when it does I do sustain local designers and try to encourage them in their sustainability business as, apart from buying local, Romanian baby designers try their best to be sustainable. I respect and encourage this.

They use natural fabrics – organic cotton, cotton, wool, boiled wool, cashmere, linen, bamboo; they try to make clothes for a wider range of years – for example, does pants, overalls for 3 to 18 months and from 1 to 3 years. She tries to cover a wide range of clients by looking to buy quality natural fabrics with various prints.

If that is not sustainable, I do not know what to say. You can see below how they grow with your baby.

1-3 years minimum vs 3 months – 18 months maximum


@raluland makes sustainable luxury clothes for baby as she uses only natural fabrics, bought from producers that respect the people that work for them as well as the animals and the crops that give them the possibility to make the fabrics, she makes overalls for 1 – 2 years, pants and other baby clothes and her beliefs are in line to keeping the world a safe place while using natural fabrics that go a long way to wear. And her vision is what this world needs as like she said: “That’s why we love pattern free fabrics and encourage you to use clothing items that can be used multiple seasons. At the right time, I would like Sebastian to understand the value of investing in quality garments, using them gently and repair or repurpose where possible, rather than tossing. “ whose products I absolutely love. They use bamboo for their snuggling products that are soft with your baby’s skin. They make beautiful gowns for your baby to sleep in, wrapping systems for you to be closer to your baby, baby bamboo pyjamas, and swaddling blankets to keep your baby warm.

@Lilu’s Handmade is another handmade Romanian brand for kids that uses natural fabrics, all for the comfort of your little one. They use soft bamboo, linen and boiled wool for their beautifully colored clothes.

@theodorboutique is another brand that goes for natural and hand made clothes for your baby. They are very attentive to little details and make sure the garment you buy fits your little ones style. Each piece is unique and beautifully accesorized with details that make the difference. is a beautiful name of a brand I did not get the chance to buy from but I love their products and their little family. They just moved to Romania as she is a Romanian girl, but has been making baby goods for a while now. As she said on her website “With the idea of making the world a healthier (bye-bye toxins) and more ethical (NO to child slavery!) place, LITTLEHOOD was born.” No need to say more but to encourage her to continue.

These are just a few of the Romanian baby designers I had the pleasure to find out about and from some to purchase. They do ship in Europe and worldwide this is why I thought I share a little about them. 

Be certain they make quality garments for babies, they are attentive to details and make sure you are satisfied and your baby is safe. Moreover, they are there for you online when you need something.

Keeping this in mind, wherever you are, think sustainable if and when the budget allows. It does good to all of us. It will improve our living style. 

Do you like shopping online for your baby? Or do you prefer to see what you buy? Is buying local an option for you? Do you reccommend any other Romanian baby brands? Or international baby brands from your country?

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