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27 Aug

Travel – titude

Travelling as we once did is on a break for now with this situation that makes us be more careful about how we travel, where we travel and when we travel. As we have passed the middle of 2020 and the situation with the global health crisis is still going on, the travel – titude of people all over the world has changed significantly.

We have learnt that social – distancing does not come with a bad meaning, but with respect for the other’s personal space and love for human kind. From many perspectives, even after this situation is long gone, this respect for the other personal space will remain. I would say this is a good lesson to learn. 

This has taken a toll on us and some may have let it affect their feelings of freedom and of happiness while travelling. And surely I can resonate with them as it is no easy way to learn how to enjoy things as they currently are. 

However, as we have to and as everything can be learned, we have begun to change the attitude towards travelling and enjoy travel with our families while staying safe at the same time. 

The more restrictions to travel we have the more we realize that travelling is a big part of our life as human beings. We enjoy taking some time off, even for a day away from our homes. And when a situation is mandatory to stay indoors, you feel even more the pressure and want to go out.

Many countries are now just in the emergency state and travelling has somehow been resumed. Those that had been eager to travel took this opportunity in a second and chose the first destination that came to their minds. And this is not bad, as long as they respect one another while travelling and take the necessary measures to stay safe and keep the ones they get in contact with, safe. 

Despite the fact that some restrictions were lifted, the wearing mask protocol I believe is safe to say can protect us and the ones around us. This is one thing we should not forget while travelling. 

Cascada Bigar, Romania Thanks to Corina Caracas

Yes, I know, so many things we did not pay attention to but with what we got used to.  I believe the best travel experience in 2020 should be local. Staying local within the boundaries of your country while respecting this social distancing, is surely better and will contribute to your country’s economy as well.

Cascada Bigar, Romania Thanks to Corina Caracas

Mellbystrand, Sweden Thanks to Mihaela Popa

Near Cluj – Napoca, Romania


The travel bag contains more things that help us stay safe. But that is not the only thing that change. 

As I could see in the last months these are the travel – titudes in 2020 and further on, I would say as we change for the better:

– most of the people look to enjoy nature and family and avoid crowds. While visiting a national park, try to avoid crowds, you can think of them as being grizzly bears and keep at least a six – feet distance. 

– relax and find peace of mind.

– have a budget-savvy trip as the economy is as it is, people think of spending less in their holidays and lower their budget with mainly the necessary things.

– stay close to home and do some leisure travelling with your loved ones.

– use nature in their advantage and go camping

– use your own car rather than airplane or public transportation. 

– stay in vacation rental apartments.

I know we have to take care of the world around us, make it safer and healthier, and while some of the above travel – titudes may not be the healthiest option for the world, the earth, it is from the human perspective  and we are part of the world. 

All that is in our power to do in this circumstance, we will surely do, as this situation has awaken many of us and made us think twice of the choices we make. 

Meanwhile, let us have a safe travel, enjoy the world as it is, take care of us, respect the ones around us and show more understanding of people. Let’s contribute to the travel economy sector in a thoughtful manner.

Have nice and full of good memories trips my dears!


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Diana Sterescu
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