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29 Jul

Summer sales: dos or donts? Can you resist a good bargain?

We do not really go our that much or at least as much as we did, to coffee shops, terraces, restaurants. We have reduced them to a minimum and that is good as this is for our safety. 

However, fashion continues to exist and collections change. With a new collection, here come the sales on the old one. End of June, the beginning of July is the peak sales season where you can actually find sizes for what you put your eyes on months before. 

Do we really buy this sales season or not, in what team are you?

These last few months have taught me a lot about online shopping and I do it so naturally and so fast, that even I am astonished by this. I used to love doing some window shopping from time to time and some real shopping lasting hours, afterwards. But now, I can truly say that I prefer online shopping. It’s true, I am that good at it because I did a lot of physical shopping because I now know fabrics, I can imagine how it feels for the touch and on the skin, and rarely are the times when I have it wrong. Not that I want to brag 🙂

Do you shop this sales season?

Despite the fact that we do not go out just as much, do you shop this sales season? I do, as I know I will be sorry if I did not buy that perfect fit crop top, or those baggy jeans or that blazer. And to top it all, I like a good family outfit coordination, and I spend good time in searching matching outfits – colours, types, models and for the three of us it takes some time and you gain some experience in online.

I have put below some of my top bargains for this season. Some are for women, but there are some for men and little baby boys and girls as well.

Women sales

  1. Levis short women pants
  2. Barney’s Originals colored leather biker jacket in gray
  3. New Look Petite belted poplin volume sleeve mini dress in light blue
  4. ASOS DESIGN linen sleeveless suit blazer-Stone
  5. Barney’s Originals belted leather jacket in mint-Green
  6. ASOS DESIGN linen high waist  mini skirt-Stone
  7. Russel Athletic short pants
  8. Pepe Jeans seamfree hipster knickers-White
  9. Pepe Jeans seamfree bra-White
  10. Fashion Union wrap top with button front in check two-piece-Pink
  11. ASOS DESIGN supersoft short-Stone
  12. Mamalicious Maternity under the bump shorts with tie waist in rust-Brown
  13. Medicine Valentines dress
  14. Mustang shirt

Men sales

  1. Medicine short pants men Bain de Mer
  2. Russel Athletic sport pants 
  3. Bolongaro Trevor Plus biker leather jacket in antique finish-Black
  4. Levi’s Men Shirt
  5. Mustang men short pants
  6. Medicine Innovation shirt
  7. Medicine polo t-shirt
  8. Lacoste jeans
  9. Medicine Casual Utility blouse

Baby boys and baby girls and boys and girls sales

  1. Mayoral Short boys pants
  2. Name It baby boys jacket
  3. Mayoral short baby boys pants
  4. Mayoral baby boys short pants
  5. Mayoral polo boys t-shirt
  6. Mayoral baby boys blouse
  7. Mayoral baby girls jacket
  8. Mayoral baby girls short pants
  9. Mayoral girls cardigan
  10. Name It baby girls jacket
  11. Mayoral girls shirt
  12. Mayoral baby girls leggings
  13. Mayoral baby boys blouse
  14. Mayoral baby boys blouse 
  15. Mayoral baby boys blouse
  16. Mayoral girls blouse
  17. Mayoral boys blouse
  18. Kids Only girls skirt
  19. Name It girls skirt
  20. Mayoral baby girls suit
  21. Mayoral boys t-shirt
  22. Mayoral boys t-shirt 
  23. Mayoral baby girls suit

I hope you found some pieces that you like in these lists. You can mix some of them for the entire family. There are more on sale on these websites and on others. 

Have a nice summer and make sure you make the most of the time with your families!


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