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27 Apr

Remote Travelling – a glimpse of Europe

It has been a while since I thought about travelling. We each have the responsibility to stay safe and keep the family safe and travelling is probably far away in our minds.

And it is ok. As staying indoors with your family it’s like being together on a holiday in the house where you feel cosy and can do whatever you please. Moreover, you can enjoy it without having to pay extra for staying there and having so much place to tackle and all your wardrobe at your disposal.
As for the wardrobe, I will come back later to this subject.
Doing just a little every day to keep your state of mind sane can involve doing some remote travelling.
I came up with the idea one evening as I thought about what I want to discover these days and what lifts up my mood. And this is travelling, may it be remote or on the location.  Doing it remotely now will prepare you for the actual travel when the time is right and the world is a safer place for you and your family.

Would you like to travel the world with just a click?

Webcamtaxi is one of the websites that can take you all over the world. However, various websites can help you visit the locations you can not during this period.

Here are some ideas:
The webcams here will show you all the main attractions of Prague live.
From here you can see the Buda Castle and a part of Danube.
You can see the inside of the basilica of Saint Anthony of Padova.
Delight with a view of Eiffel Tower and its surroundings.
Downtown Amsterdam will make you feel like you are there.
Explore Moscow city centre and enjoy its large streets with this city centre webcam.
This is a location, which will delight you with its green scenes.
If you would like to enjoy some winter scenery, this is a great place to click on.
9. Riga
A view of the Old Town, the Riga Castle and the Riga Cathedral.
10. Vejers
A beautiful village in Southern Denmark that will offer you the sight of the North Sea.
As for the wardrobe – you can have whatever you want at your disposal. There is no such thing as not enough space for your trip. Dress up for Rovaniemi with your best fur jacket and Budapest with a beautiful dress.
What other places would you like to visit?
I am a keen cities traveller, I like to visit cities, to get to know their history and learn about the traditions. I can hardly wait to show the world to my baby. Visiting places is the best way to get to know the world and the perfect holiday for my family. Meanwhile, I believe this will help with my thirst of travelling.
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Diana Sterescu
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