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10 Apr

Can fashion contribute to today’s situation?

Life as we knew it can hardly be kept untouched. The new situation that is is taking a toll worldwide and both people and economy suffer, has made us think much of how we can help.

This situation affects all aspects of our lives.

Fashion industry is directly impacted as most of the fashion retailers have closed their shops and they base their businesses and income on online shopping. According to a report of United Nations Trade and Development “The number of online shoppers has more than doubled and the value of business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce has surged from less than $1 trillion to more than $3.8 trillion.” While this does not refer to fashion retail only, it says a lot of the importance online has nowadays.

However, how good does it do to the situation we find ourselves in? Is helping them survive by online shopping help with diminishing the spread of the virus? Or out of the contrary? Are we at risk with people having to pack so many clothes, with couriers having to deliver many packages to various clients? Are people at risk from the clothes they are buying? Should fashion retailers just close their doors and cease selling online as well? Should we find a middle way? Yes, probably the middle way is the best but, how can we define it? And the questions just keep on coming in my head as a keen shopper I am trying to find the right way to handle things as well.

Can fashion industry help with the economy striving?

Yes, it can, as both a part of its employees, the shipping companies have an income as long as there are orders, people buy, they have to pack, and couriers have to deliver.

And yes, this way, there are fewer people losing their jobs. Moreover, not only their employees and the employees of the shipping companies can be saved from losing their jobs, but all those making the cleaning products, all those that have rented their space for the fashion retailers to use as a warehouse, there are many industries that can be saved with the fashion industry help.

Is it safe to keep the fashion industry running online?

While the stores are not opened and people cannot come in bulks and buy nor employees stay close one to another, fashion retailers can organize a safe working place for people that need to prepare the merchandise to be shipped.

They can work in shifts, they can sanitize the warehouses where they keep their clothes well and more often, they can have people working from a safe distance one to another, they can create what conditions are needed for a safe working place.

How can fashion retailers help with keeping it at a balanced level?

Marketing is everything especially these days.

However, while fashion retailers want to survive, they also need to balance things out and help us make the right calls.

That is, helping the customers keep the shopping at a safe level, do not offer so many discounts. Yes, they are good in today’s economy, when there are many people losing their jobs, but at the same time, they influence the buying choices. I am not saying I would not like to have some bargains and have beautiful new clothes, but we must think it through and do not make it more attractive to the customer, that it already is.

Moreover, they can limit their order from one client on one per month. I mean they can do this easily through some online programming that only allows you to buy once per month and not so many disposable clothes – such as bags, or stilettos, or elegant outfits. As these are some things, you really do not need these days.

Will fashion industry survive?

I believe it will. For sure, it will not be as profitable for some good months from now on, but it will be able to survive.

What can fashion retailers do?

Ask yourself if you want to be the wealthiest fashion retailer after this situation is over or if you want to contribute to diminish the situation faster and the world be as we used to know it faster.

Is it safe to buy clothes online?

According to Brian Labus, assistant professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, there is little reason to fear that the clothes could have something on them, “The virus might be able to survive a few days given the right environment, but it will be long dead by the time you purchase that product. Even if something you order online is shipped to you the next day, it has been sitting in a warehouse somewhere long enough for the virus to die.” (Taken from here)

From the moment they are packed, they are shipped and they actually get to you, at least couple of days will pass and any problem they might have had, it sure cannot live on them that much.

Harvard Health believes that it is more likely to survive on hard surfaces than on soft ones – as fabric is. However, for your tranquility, you can disinfect the package when you receive it and of course wash clothes before you wear them or out them in your wardrobe and after handling the package, wash your hands very well.

Can we help by buying clothes online?

Are we risking the lives of people handling the packages and all involved? Or are we actually helping by buying online?

While I myself do not think we are risking the lives of people in clothing warehouses or of couriers, I do believe it is time to reconsider our shopping habits.

That is, even though there are many offers online that catch our eyes, think well what we need and try to order only those clothes that we need. I know it is hard, I mean for me it is, but I am trying to make a selection and think of the world right now, not at me. At this moment, I try to order what is necessary in the current situation, and since we cannot go outside, there is not much clothing shop we need. I believe that shopping for kids clothes is a necessity, as children grow and if you did not do some shopping in advance for them, you need to do now.

I sincerely think that everything these days should be done in moderation and online shopping done in moderation helps. So yes, I believe we can help and by buying online, we are helping as this helps businesses continue and some jobs still exist.

How much is too much?

Basically we have what we need to keep us going working from home and staying indoors, but if we want to contribute to keeping the fashion retailers alive and some jobs exist, doing little shopping once a month cannot hurt.

Thanks to OneSave/Day

What can we do?

Ask yourself if you really need that piece of clothing before you order it.

Order what you really find necessary.

Make sure to put all you need in just one order, and not keep coming for placing more orders of only a few items.

For detailed and updated information on whether this can survive on clothes and for how long, it is better to check the WHO website.

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