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25 Mar

My go-to shoes for the spring-summer period

We are in a situation that does not let us go outside but as soon as this changes I found my perfect pair of shoes that I will wear all spring – summer long. If you are curious, what my new shoes are check below and see whether you find them a great fit for your wardrobe and style.

I am usually a keen buyer and am always looking for ways to improve or update my wardrobe and to give my own self a boost. And I believe we all need this these days. I do not refer to whatever is trendy, but just buying new clothes that I think fit my style and improve it.

As I am now a new mum I am on the look for baby clothes as well, as such mum such baby. He like dressing up as well 🙂 and as I was saying, am very much online shopping for clothes.

I also found a similar pair for the baby so that we can match – not from the same brand but they match. For now, he has some UGG for the baby, but when he will start walking, I found the perfect pair.

Light and modern shoes you will love

This is how I discovered my new pair of shoes that I believe would go well with a blazer, a dress, a pair of jogger pants, and a pair of faux leather pants.

Yes, the idea beneath the title is to find a pair of shoes you love that will go well with almost all you have in the dressing and with your style or new style, you want to adopt. The below shoes are my recommended ones – I tried them, they fit perfectly. (Actually, I bought one size up as I made the size fit according to what Nike shoes I have and they actually match the same size I have at Nike.) They are very light and you almost do not feel that you have them on.

Gant casual sport shoes Cocoville

For me shoes are important and I put great emphasis on them, as they can complete a look very well.

I rarely find what I like and need shopping. Usually I like leather custom made shoes by designers here in Romania as I want certain color, certain type of leather and so on. However, these have been a great buy and I also got them half the price – so look out for sales.

Hope you like my idea of go – to shoes and will be coming with more go – to items for various outfits. I know that the actual situation does not really help us with anything we own in our wardrobe; as we have to be safe and stay indoors, but I truly hope this situation will change for the better. Thus, prepare for when we can enjoy an outing.

Leave a comment to say whether you think shoes make up an outfit as well.

The link you have embed is from a similar pair but made for the summer time – that have a mesh in the front and not leather.

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Diana Sterescu
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