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28 Feb

MET Gala 2020 – About Time: Fashion and Duration

For all of those that are eager to know more about the fashion event of the year, the theme of the MET Gala 2020 was announced and it is focused on time.

Like usual, it is a theme well thought of and we can learn from it. Its name is “About Time: Fashion and Duration”. This year also marks the 150th anniversary of the MET, thus the party is on in May.

What you need to know is that

  • May 4, 2020 is the date for this year Met Gala. It stays opened until September 7, 2020. Louis Vuitton is the sponsor for this year show.
  • Virginia Woolf novels inspired the theme. Henri Bergson and its early 20th century’s theories were also of interest when the theme was decided – “la durée” is the concept Bergson referred to as time that flows, accrues and is united or undividable.
  • This year’s theme ads a more serious look to the Met Gala in comparison to 2019. There will be many black and white ensembles.
  • 160 pieces of women’s clothing from the last 150 years will be presented. This will show the evolution of fashion and what the future looks like. The idea that “fashion is the present” (Bolton) and there is no such thing as past, present and future or beginning, middle and end. It is all a middle, where designers continue to amaze us with their looks, fabrics and styles. These pieces will be showcased into two sections: 1870 – 2020 all black looks and “counter-chronologies” along time (these are mostly white).
  • The show will be made of designers such as Galliano, Helmut Lang, Georgina Godley and many more and the exhibition that will follow will last until September 7, 2020.
  • Big names are hosting Met Gala this year – Nicolas Ghesquiére the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, Emma Stone – who is the Vuitton ambassador, Meryl Streep, “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Anna Wintour. Meryl Streep is the one who is new to this event.

How can one interpret this theme?

While some have accustomed us with their literal way of interpreting the Met Gala theme, some will focus on identity and how an identity changes through time and continue to evolve.

It will be a way of understanding what is female and what is male, of combining those two and exploring layers of identity we did not explore yet.

Whatever will be the choice of fashion guests make this year, it is one of my favorite themes and I will try to convey a full report on the fashion choices after the Met Gala show.


The biggest Red Carpet event of the year promises a show that is on the same line with what designers have promoted for this year’s collections – past is back and present is future. A combination of the past that does not remain the past is what creates the present and what helps create the future. It is a cycle as time is continuous and every change we experience in time, is shown in every garment we wear.

It is fashion industry’s way of helping the sustainability era and saying it cares about the environment.

Like any other Met Gala event, this year show will be discussed and dissected long after it is finished and it will remain in the memories of the Met Gala fashion shows.

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Diana Sterescu
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