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21 Aug

Trench trend for this fall

The season of warm soon comes and we all need a great trench coat to cover up in the early mornings and evenings.

We all purchase good coats that we intend to wear for multiple seasons to come, but fashion just does not allow us. With so many options and so many new fabrics and styles, buying a new coat for fall seems a wonderful idea to upgrade your closet. This year the choices to choose from are various and trench coats are trendy. Every trend and every piece of clothing is here to celebrate the woman. Trendy or not, they are necessary and they sure do spice up any outfit.

I love a good coat over during fall time. It complements your entire look. It is just like a good bag.

Feeling like buying a new trench coat this fall? Keep reading below to see some of the best options for you.

  1. Tailored classic trench

For a light topper, choosing a tailored classic trench is the right answer. A kaki one puts you in the autumnal mood for sure. It is for those days when you go to work and have an early dinner date after.

ASOS DESIGN Tall longline trench coat – Stone


  1. Lightweight trench

An all-time favourite, this is the transition piece from summer to fall. Make sure to pick the right classic color, as this is the classic style trench, made from a light fabric and there, just to give you a slight feeling of warmth.

LOFT Belted Trench Coat


  1. Modern trench coat

This is the style we are all accustomed to, but with no belt and the double-breasted design. Choose a light and warm color that will surely compliment anything.

Michael Michael Kors Logo Checkerboard Trench Coat


  1. Denim trench coat

Denim trend has been going on all summer and it keeps strong during this fall. As fall without a trench coat does not happen, denim offers a wide variety of trench coats to choose from. However, we must be careful how we wear it, not to overdo especially as it is somehow covering you up, but well-accessorized it will look great during fall time. If you feel like you cannot go wrong and know what to do and how to combine denim-on-denim, go for it.


€ 100  – 50% OFF € 50 

  1. Wrap trench

Wrapping yourself up is always a good idea especially in chilly weather. Choose an unstructured coat with a classic color. It will make you feel cozy inside and outside.

T Tahari Abbey Drape Front Crepe Trench Coat


  1. Embellished trench

A trench coat can be made interesting if you put it a detachable collar and some embellishments over it. Prada gives us a glimpse of what it can look like. While few are the classic trench people I know, the embellished trench makes you become a trench person.


 € 1950

  1. Double-breasted trench coat

This is not the usual trench we know, as it may look more of a coat, but it sure is one of the great options for this fall season. The loose-fit style looks smart with a pair of jeans.

Pieces check double breasted trench coat – Multi


  1. Vinyl trench coat

New season, new fashion. This vinyl trench coat may not be for everyone, but it will sure get you out of the comfort zone. Sleek and chic goes well for a dressy event or for a casual day. Give vinyl some credit and you will not be sorry.

ASOS DESIGN vinyl slim check mac – Multi


  1. Trench raincoat

With the changing weather, fall brings us, having a raincoat can save us from getting wet inside. The combination between the trench style and the rainproof need to make it one of the essential pieces for this fall.

Medicine trench raincoat

€ 35 

  1. Leather trench coat

Leather is not for everyone. You have to feel it to wear it. However, 2019 leather is a trend for this season to come. Looking similar to vinyl, it will give your look an upgraded version of it. When you hear about leather, you may think that it is too expensive for your budget, but the prices have dropped and are more affordable than they used to be.

SPORTMAX leather trench coat

€ 1,713 |30% Off € 1,199 

Coat people take time in choosing the right fit and style and invest in more than one coat per season. They are the ones that know each coat has a purpose. Looking for a good reason to shop?

Entering into the new season gives you just that!

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