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9 Jul

10 summer staples to style up your summer days

We are in the middle of summer and summer sales are here and are impressive. I do like buying all year round when I love something but when the sales season begins I tend to focus on buying the basics and creating an image in my mind of what are those clothes that I could keep on wearing on rotation and still be fashionable.

These summer staples as I like to call them, depend a lot on the style people have. As I have always said, the trend is what you make it be and what you create. While there is a trend the big fashion houses create for us, this trend is just something we can get our ideas from and upgrade our closets.

Your style does not change with the trend.

If you pay attention to the new collection, there are always some pieces that are on repeat or that complement the previous collections.

These being said, these are my 10 summer staples I keep on going on repeat:

  1. White t-shirt

I have many white t-shirts in the closet and I realized I could never have enough. It is an item that can help you on any occasion, can go well with any colour, will lighten up your mood and will always be in trend (if that is important to you)

  1. Waistcoat

I love waistcoats. I believe you can never have enough. Just like the white t-shirt, waistcoats go well with everything, with jeans, with shorts, with dresses, with just about everything. Which is good about them is that they come in different styles – elegant, casual, cargo and you can choose whichever represents you.

  1. Denim shirts

Denim shirts go well and improve any sportish outfit. Wear it over a coloured tank top or the same colour as the denim, tank top, and you have a stylized outfit. They have been out there for some time now and this latest summer collection they also exist, as I could see the pre-fall collection they will appear again, so which better time to select this piece as your summer staple? It goes perfect in summer mornings or evenings.

  1. Distressed jeans

I like to wear my distressed jeans a size higher so that I can use them in boyfriend style. Sometimes I cannot find boyfriend style jeans that I love and this is why I upgrade my jeans number. However, I find it a very efficient method and I know I can have them in as many colours I want. I especially believe that those jeans that are distressed at the seams are the best and these are my staples for the summer. They go well with any type of shoes.

  1. Long shirts

I see them as a type of waistcoat with sleeves.

They are wonderful to wear all summer long every summer without having to worry, they lost their usefulness. I have a few that I keep wearing on rotation and they look great with everything I combine them. To be able to do this, you must choose some quality material shirts, as you will clean them quite often especially if you love wearing them.

  1. Blazers

Where would we be without them? I have quite a few in my wardrobe and I can say I can never have enough. I prefer them to accessorize my outfit, to any other accessory. Usually, I love the classic cut that could go well with everything. I love it that they can come in so many different colours and materials and you have a wide selection to choose from.

  1. Sneakers

While I love a good pair of elegant suede shoes, as you know if you have been following me for some time now, choosing the right style of sneaker for your wardrobe will get you out of many hard decisions to make of what to put on when you go out of the house. Being a movie lover as well, I also saw a movie recently where two interior house designers wore sneakers at their elegant- casual outfits.

  1. Tank tops

Unlike other elegant tops you can choose to wear, these are simple and iconic. They usually come in classic style, one colour type and come in all sorts of colours. My staple ones are those are neutral tones, but I do have some that are in neon colours I love. However, you can never have enough of those as summer is long and they go well with shorts, trousers.

  1. Dresses

I do love wearing dresses in the summertime, but it is important that they are not too thick nor too thin. It is hard to find the perfect material, but when I find it I know it is the one. The staple dress for summer that I like wearing, again and again, is the one that will compliment me and go well with everything – as far as accessories concern. May it be a sportish one or a casual or elegant – casual one.

  1. Short sport top

When I do not wear a blazer or a denim shirt, I choose to put a short sport top over my tank top. This comes in a bright colour and makes a difference in every outfit. It is a great choice when having a late afternoon gathering and you need something to keep you warm.

Shop the styles below:

These are my 10 staples for the summer that I love and no matter the trend they are always on trend for me and they are the ones that create my personal style. Summer is a great time to have fun and not worry too much about how and what to wear. This is why I believe having some statement pieces that characterizes you, will make the difference.

What are your staples for the summer? Do you have any?

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