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23 May

How to wear a jumpsuit this summer for every occasion

Jumpsuits are a great way to dress up quickly and stylishly without too much effort. Or so you may think. Sometimes it takes creativity to make sure you can wear the same jumpsuit for different occasion and as well to stay out of the ordinary and combine it with the right sandals, shoes, mules, then bags and other accessories. It means more to jumpsuits than just an all-in-one garment. They are more versatile than a simple dress or pants and top and they are usually for the fashionistas one. Why is this?

Because they are hard sometimes to choose as it is not an easy task to choose how to combine them and this may be detrimental to how you initially wanted to look like, some prefer no risks and go with the safe choices.

Below I will share my thoughts on this and some tips to make sure you have a stylish summer outfit, no matter the occasion.

Many of us have some jumpsuits in our closet, long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, long ones, short ones, colored ones, ruffles ones … there are so many to choose from and this is the good part of them. They come in different designs and materials. This is why I believe you must have at least one in your closet.

I admit I have various – ever since they appeared I started buying them – I have various for summertime short and some for spring/ autumn period. I never think of them as having got out of style, even though some have three years. Making combinations and styling them nicely with new shoes and a bag, always proves to be helpful.

Making your choice

To make the right choice you need to know what you want from a jumpsuit and where you want to use it. There are the casual ones, then there are those that can be styled to look both casual and elegant, and there are those elegant styles ones.

Then, think of your needs, do you need a long sleeve one or a sleeveless one?

Make sure you are aware of the fact that the wide leg and low-waisted ones can make an average height woman look even smaller in height. If you like this type of jumpsuit you can add a pair of sleek high heels that will help with your height.

If you know the answer to these two questions, you can focus now on the design you want.

Occasions for wearing a jumpsuit

When you say comfortable to wear, you usually think of something casual towards sporty style. However, this is not the case with the jumpsuit.  

Dressy events

There are various special occasions that you are invited throughout the summer. While you may think of choosing a dress to be on the safe side, it is also safe to say that a jumpsuit will also prove to be up for formal wear. For this type of occasion, it is best to choose a sleek and tailored jumpsuit. The fabric is very important to give it a “wow” factor.

Casual outings

Getting tired of your summer dresses rotating or your jeans and t-shirt. Opting for a jumpsuit for the weekend time and the outings with friends and the holiday relaxing days will be a perfect choice. There are various designs to choose from in this category – while there are numerous that have a fitted waistband or a belt around the waistband, there are also those that have a more loose fit.  

These are usually the two main categories the jumpsuit fall into. However, there is also that category according to the length of the jumpsuit. In this one, I highly recommend the knee length one as it is so flattering for all types of bodies. Make sure you choose the one that ends just right at the ankle or even try a culottes jumpsuit. This will prove even fancier for a formal occasion.  Another tip for wearing such a jumpsuit is the shoes – choose them properly as they are out in plain sight.

Wearing the jumpsuit

When choosing a full-length jumpsuit make sure the length is not too big for you and it fits perfectly. It should not come over and hide your shoes. At least the tip of your shoe should be seen. Also, do not let it loose a lot at the end and form more layers –  this is not fashionable and shows that you actually did not pay too much attention to your look nor to the size of the jumpsuit.

I like wearing my jumpsuits that are usually in neutral colors – only have one in red, with bright and colored accessories – like colored flats, blazers or bags. If you are new into the jumpsuit category you would like to start off safely with a waistband or belt jumpsuit so that it will not prove to have “swollen” you entirely, especially if you are mignon. However, this does not mean that once you have your confidence in wearing the loose fit ones, you should not.

While I also have some of the jumpsuits that are more elegant and have special fabric, I prefer making the casual – elegant ones ready for a formal occasion. Especially because I found the casual ones more intriguing and ready to pop up. I can always do this with a beautiful blazer and nice pair of high heels or even flat mules. A must for this are the accessories that should complement the casual by adding a plus of extreme elegance. Together, it will make a great dressy outfit.  The type of blazer you choose can enhance it on either way – if you choose a fancy one it will add an elegant feel to the outfit, if you choose a more casual one, it will help with making the jumpsuit less “jumpsuit-like”.

Layering the jumpsuit will also prove a great idea if you have it in you. The strapless jumpsuits go well with t-shirts, bralettes or even long-sleeve elegant shirts. Have to choose the right color combination and the right style, when layering. You cannot layer a satin jumpsuit with a turtleneck.

Jumpsuit shopping tips:

  • No matter what jumpsuit you choose, make sure it is the right size for you and does not make you feel shapeless or even worse, there are those that can give you the sensation of a “long butt”.
  • When choosing the shoe type, make sure you opt away anything that comes in thick heels, or clogs or wedges. They do not complement the jumpsuits.
  • Make sure you get the right length for what you will wear it with. If you will wear it mostly with high heels, make sure it does not come too short, and if you plan to wear it with flats, make sure it is not too long.
  • Choose a jumpsuit that can work for more than just one season. For example, the latest I bought is a white one, that is yet to arrive, but even though it does have a sort of a ruffle sleeve, I will easily be able to put a jacket on and wear it during autumn time as well.

Check the list below for some great jumpsuit ideas for summer 2019.

1. Deep v caped jumpsuit – Cream

Paris Caped Jumpsuit $60

2. Ichi Stripe Jumpsuit – Multi

Itchi Stripe Jumpsuit $44.50

3.  Cami jumpsuit in gingham – Blue

Cami Jumpsuit $48

4. Racer neck tailored polka dot jumpsuit – Black

Paris Polka Dot Jumpsuit $48

5. Lost Ink Tailored Jumpsuit With Tie Waist – Gray

Lost Ink Tailored Jumpsuit $29

6. LOFT Plus Gingham Smocked Back Tie Waist Jumpsuit

Gingham Smoked Back Tie $99.5

7. Elegant Floral Jumpsuit

Floral Jumpsuit $90

8. Mango Mami Yellow Jumpsuit

Mango Mami Yellow Jumpsuit $50

9. Answear Jumpsuit

Answear Jumpsuit $25

10. Mango Now Jumpsuit

Mango Now Jumpsuit $50

11. Vila Rida Jumpsuit

Vila Rida Jumpsuit $40

12. Mango Amelio Jumpsuit

Mango Amelio Jumpsuit $40

Stay true to your couture :*

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