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22 Mar

Best colour trends to wear in spring 2019

Spring is here and we are grateful that we can ditch the fluffy clothes and begin to dress lighter as the weather becomes warmer each day.

If you are one of those people that like to know what is trendy and see if you can fit in in your style, let us see what are the colours we should use this spring. As you will see there are colours for every taste and type of personality, so this is a spring well – waited for in the fashion world.

  1. Neutrals

This is a trend that has been around for many years and it comes and goes, however, this year Burberry and Max Mara put great emphasis on using the neutral tones and even an all neutral look.

Depending on the neutral shade, it can be used with all types of skin and hair colours. It is an elegant and casual look that you can easily obtain. I love the neutrals as they tend to go well with fair untanned skin as well, so as summer is not in yet, a lot of people have a fair skin that is hard to compliment.

Choose one of the below spring items and embrace this trend if you want something of an elegant touch.

  1. Black

I have not been a friend of blacks for a lot of time, but that was for more personal reasons than for fashion ones.

Black is in trend when trying to stay minimalistic and I must say it does look good on anyone. What I discovered and believe it is true is that you have to feel the colour you wear and introduce it in your personality. This is the only way you will be able to transmit what you want to say to the others by the colour of your clothes.

There are many black items I love this spring and one is this black long tulle dress. It goes great in any combination.

  1. Animal print

This has been a very big trend in the last year and it keeps on being. However, rather than just the leopard print, we can see zebras and different colouring of animal print – though not so natural. The colouring is a must this season and we should embrace it.

  1. Bright orange

As the sun begins to shine upon us we can make some competition to it by wearing the bright orange trend. This will remove us from the anonymity and as well boost our well-being. I find that wearing colourful clothes make me feel better.

Unlike the next trend, bright orange goes well with every skin complexity.

  1. Neons

If you want something that can boost your presence neons is the answer. However, there are a few things to consider when wearing neon:

  • Make sure the neon shade you pick goes well with your skin tone and hair colour. Yellow and orange will not look good if you have pale skin, but you can opt for neon pink or blue
  • Combine them with a “good” colour.
  • Know that the part of your body that is dressed in neon is the one that will attract the attention, thus if you have a pear figure use the neon on your upper part, for the apple-shaped use it in the bottom part.
  • Make sure you wear neons at an event where they do not come as too bold.
  1. Hot pink

Having said so much about colouring we cannot lose sight of the hot pink trend. It has been up in the air since last year and this year it has come in stronger. I love it and will purchase from shoes to jacket everything I can find in a great hot pink colour.

  1. Colour blocking

This trend has come and gone in the last couple of years but this time it is here to stay and moreover, it came in clothing such as more elegant dresses and pants. This will for sure make it more worth it and appealing.

I for one believe that a great colour blocking combination is necessary for one’s wardrobe this season. I am loving the yellow and cream colour blocking dress.

  1. Pastel blue

While not so shiny and eye-catching, this colour will make you feel precious. It is simply like walking on a bright sky when dressing up in a pastel blue outfit. Try any combination and rest assured that you will feel great. It will make your skin look brighter and smoother. Marc Jacobs showed us how it’s done already.

Enjoy this spring and play with colours as there are many things that can make us happy and having fun and feeling good while dressing up, is one little thing that can play a big part in your everyday wellbeing.

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Diana Sterescu
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