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8 Mar

#BalanceforBetter – International Women Day

International Women Day is held each year on the 8th of March in different countries all over the world. It is believed to have started more than 100 years ago in New York and had different celebratory dates since then. Since 1913 it is celebrated on March 8 and each year it has a different theme. 

This is a day when we celebrate the amazing achievements of women along the years – political, social, cultural and economic and the future to come. We are a part of the world and are actually the ones that try to make it better with a lot of hard work and commitment. 

We may live in the 21st century but women still need to have a bigger voice, literally, than those of men in order to be heard. It is only by standing by one another and trying to be united we can achieve a gender-balanced world. 

No one can state that a woman does not work harder to achieve the same thing a man achieves without putting so much work into it, she is paid less for the same job etc. and it also still seems hard for the society to admit that we can make a change in the world. 

No matter how this man ruled society may think of this day, I am sure that between all of us being united will make women stronger each year and have a gender balanced world. 

This year’s International Women Day campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter

What does #BalanceforBetter mean?

We do not want a woman ruling world, we only want a gender-balanced world and this is for what we raise awareness for this year. 

It is important that in today’s society the needs of girls and women are equally addressed as the needs of boys and men. Opportunities should be created for women as well.

A gender-balanced world will respect a woman speaking in public just like when a man speaks, will trust a woman opinion without questioning it because she is a woman, will respect a woman’s right to a career path, to planning her family and to making her own choices, will pay a woman the same amount a man gets paid for the same job. 

There is no question that balance does drive better results and thus a better world. 

I believe that having gender balance in companies, in politics, and in different domains will do nothing but improve and add new skills to a job and a company and boost productivity inside a company. Women are very creative, have a wider imagination, are more flexible and more capable of learning new things faster than a man. Thus it can prove to be a great asset. 

I am not stating that men are the only ones to blame for this gap that exists between us, as some women are as well to blame.

However, there are men out there that actually fight for women equal rights for job opportunities, for being heard, for being taken seriously etc. 

#BalanceforBetter is the day and the year to take more action and support each other as women. Men are welcomed too. What I have seen lately is that a woman can do anything when she wants and I have seen this by the many companies around the world that are owned by women, by the many businesses developed from scratch and grown into big ones, by the desire that leads to great results a woman can have. 

This is not about women only this is about human rights and as we all live on this planet we all have equal rights. Raising awareness on gender – equality will add more benefits to the world economy than people can imagine. A balanced world is a better world for sure. Let us all put our hand out for the #BalanceforBetter pose and try to make a positive change in the world. 

*Share your #BalanceforBetter pose on social media, on this post and with your friends. 

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