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9 Feb

Celebrating Valentine’s Day – social pressure or you feel like it?

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We are travelling at the moment and ever since we came here, 4 days ago, in each and every restaurant we have been to, there were signs with “booking Valentine’s dinner in advance if you still want to have a romantic outing.”

And this has got me thinking – Do people still celebrate Valentine’s day? And if they do, why do they celebrate it? Is it because they feel like it and they actually believe in this holiday or is it because of the social pressure, everywhere in the social media you can see people getting ready for the day, people buying presents and then people receiving them.

Do I celebrate Valentine’s day?

I used to, I’m not gonna lie and I used to for all the wrong reasons

  • All my friends were doing so
  • I felt like I was not anyone’s special if I did not mark that day somehow
  • Everyone was keen on knowing how was the day
  • I had to tick that holiday as well

All in all, I was not doing it for myself and I wasn’t even feeling it as a special day. I just used to do what everyone else around me did.

Now, this year I will for sure spend it as we are on holiday and we just have to book a table :)) as I told you every restaurant in the city is getting ready for celebrating Valentine’s and we sure don’t want to starve. We will see how things develop this evening and if we find THE restaurant for the 14th. If we don’t we might have a problem.

Usually, we do not spend it out or something, as the 14th of February is more of an international holiday. We do make a special homemade dinner, something we do not eat daily and have some good wine and a nice evening.  But, as for the LOVE day, in Romania, there is the Dragobete, on the 24th of February that is the same celebration as the 14th of February is. So, that would be the day for us to go and dine out. 

Why do I celebrate the LOVE day? May it be the 14th of February or the 24th of February? 

Now I am happy to say that the reasons I celebrate this are totally different and for sure are not related to any social media constraint or friends constraint.

Thoughts on why and how you choose to spend Valentine’s Day

I have no problem with people that love Valentine’s Day and choose to spend it with their loved one, with their friends, with their families. What I want to say though this article is do something because you feel it, not because society puts a constraint on you or because all of your friends are doing it.

I believe celebrating love should be done daily with simple and small meaningful things.

But I also totally get it that a holiday to remind us to be better, to love more and unconditionally is good in this world, as we are all having busy lives, and we could use a reason to slow down for a day or half a day.

Valentine’s Day does not have to mean buying expensive presents or going to a fancy restaurant. It just means being there for your loved one and spending the time together doing what you love most doing and what relaxes you – going out, staying in etc.

Let’s have a beautiful Valentine’s Day or Dragobete and show our loved ones what they mean to us. And may this day stay in our hearts all the days of the year.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? How do you celebrate it? Feel free to leave the comments below.

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Diana Sterescu
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