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25 Jan

Perfect way to spend a snowy winter weekend day

Last weekend it was snowing heavily and I decided to go out with one of my best girlfriends and enjoy the snow in the park. Just walking on the snowy alleys is one of my ways to relax during winter time.

I love snow and I try to take advantage of it during the winter time as soon as it starts snowing. So I took my UGG boots on and my Zara jeans and out I went. This time I was lucky I went with Cami, who makes some amazing photos and caught some of my best moments and my child happiness on camera.

It was a great day, the snow was falling beautifully and we enjoyed a nice morning walk in the park and recharged our batteries for the week.

Catching snowflakes

Watching the snow falling

My happy face

Hiding the hair

Russian style

These are just some of the photos she took, but will share more as I receive them. In some of the pics you can see the makeup was ruined by the snowflakes that covered me as soon as I was in the park, but next time I know better – wear some waterproof mascara. 🙂

How do you like to spend a snowy winter weekend?

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Diana Sterescu
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