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17 Jan

The most stylish year you have ever had

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In the fashion world, there is always a continuous change year after year. However, what does style mean?

To me, style is a personal brand that makes you express your personality and character. It is different for each of us and it is unique, thus let’s try and make 2019 the most stylish year for us so far.

What does this mean? Should I no longer buy new items?

I know, we all love adding something new to our wardrobe, even though we need it or not. And I for one, been having this challenge especially in the sales period. It is hard to teach yourself to buy only what you need and what suits you.

What I did this time around and try to imprint it into my system is:

  • I buy only what suits my style
  • I think of what I need – for example – now I need a new pair of white jeans; as the ones I have ones are too tight and the other I bought but never really liked how they fit and felt, so yes- a new pair of white jeans are on the list of things I need.
  • If you buy a new item you need, try a new brand – this may be THE ONE piece that will make your wardrobe more stylish in 2019. I know it is easier to go on the safe side and buy from where you know, but trying a local brand, sustaining local business may be a good thing not just for your, but for more people.
  • If I know something fits me well, why change it? style means being yourself and expressing in the best way possible. So do not be afraid of having “a uniform”. Many celebrities have some statement pieces that make them feel good in and choose them in different colors and those are their uniforms.

My decisions for a stylish 2019

  • Choose some statement pieces and make sure they have their rightful place in my dressing. These are:
    • A colored blazer
    • A good pair of stilettos
    • A great nude leather bag
    • Colored mules
    • A beautiful watch
    • A medium length dress
  • Color up – there is nothing that makes my day better than a pint of color on me, so this year the colors of my choice are yellow, magenta and green.
  • Denim, denim, and denim all over – it is in trend, I love it, it fits perfectly any type of body if you know how to choose your style and it now comes in various colors, so what’s not to like?!
  • Lace – it is a great choice for any outing you may have.
  • Pastels – strong colors go well with pastels. And pastels do right to everyone. They add smoothness, delicacy, elegance, shyness and good taste to every outfit.
  • Fitted jackets for the spring and summer evenings – fashion comes back and fitted jackets or blazers with a very tight waist are the ones in trend this year. Moreover, then being in trend, they really fit well any woman.
  • Have a signature piece – it usually finds you – an item or a brand you have over and over again in various colors. This is not a new decision for my stylish year, as I do have a signature piece and these are my UGG – what is different for me this year is that I have them not only in boots style but in various styles – stylish sneakers, moccasins, slippers.
  • The sneakers – yes this is a great addition to my wardrobe. A stylish sneaker, one that will go well with both your fav jeans as well as with a pleated skirt are a must for me this year. I already chose mine, so what are you waiting for?



I believe of myself as a smart shopping addict let’s say.

I do not buy things just because they are in trend; if I find something that there is in trend and that suits my style I buy it. And again if I find something from previous collections but that goes really well with my character I buy it.

I believe trends are for those that need a little help in combining the clothes easier let’s say as if you buy clothes from the same collection it will be far easier to combine them then clothes from different collections and brands.

I am not saying trends are bad, as they give you choices, but I believe before giving in to trends, it is more important to get to know yourself and your style. This is the only way that you will feel comfortable in your clothes and they will not speak for you, you will speak for them by transmitting confidence and love through your look.

Don’t follow trends, make them!

Shop my above list:

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