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26 Sep

Formulas on how to layer clothes this fall like a designer

Weather is changing and we all know that the secret to feeling comfortable and to be ready for all the weather changing conditions happening during fall time, is layering the clothes.

The fall weather demands layering and the F/W 2018 season outfits prepped by designers makes it easier for us.

1. Neutral warm fall colors

Sies Marjan uses the fall neutral colors in this all layered up Fall 2018 outfit.
He used the layers starting with a long sleeve shirt and a pair of same color pants. On top of them, the designer added a long bright neutral color blazer that adds a nice color contrast and the fur coat as an exterior layer adds the needing warmth.

Combine this neutral look with your favorite pair of warm colored mules and enjoy your designer inspired look. Shop the look. 

2. Animal print all over

Max Mara has come up with a great layered look for the animal print lovers. Animal print all over you will look at your best and feel warm at the same time.
Start with a simple white t-shirt that you can wear as a first layer, beneath the animal print pullover. Combine them with a pair of animal print ankle view pants. The animal print high waist pencil skirt needs to be over the pants. Add a pair of black leather braces to the skirt and let them loose.

Take your leopard print long coat, a pair of black leather gloves and black leather pumps and your animal print designer inspired outfit is ready to go. Shop the look.

3. Neon colors

Who says that once autumn comes neon bright colors cannot be worn? For sure not Valentino nor Rochas in their Fall 2018 outfits.

They both use all over neon colors inspired looks.

If you like neon, this magenta Valentino look is perfect for your layered fall style.

Take a button up magenta shirt and a pair of magenta straight pants. These are the basics. Then add some dimension to the look with a pleated magenta over the knee skirt. Tuck the shirt in the pants and put the skirt over the pants. Cover all up with a nice oversized blazer. As this is the scarf season, make sure you add a long magenta scarf to you look and an oversized bag. Some white flats will look just perfect to complement your look. Make sure they are warm enough for your feet. If needed, add a pair of white socks to them. Shop the look. 

4. White lovers

You do not have to give up white or wait for winter time to wear it. Take the Alexander McQueen outfit to combine your perfect fall layers of all white.

This is a go to look for me!!!

White tall boots with a front black zipper and black sole are a must this season. They look great with both pants and skirts. Take a simple high neck white sweater and combine it with a pair of white pants. Have them straight in order to be able to come over the boots. Then, in this combination you can see this two parts beautiful jacket (with a long zipper and as well one at its half, that can transform it into a short one, as well as leave it long in the back side) Don’t have it? Then you can try putting your nice short white jacket over which add a long white vest. Combine all with a fluffy fur white collar. Shop the look. 

5. Summer top

Combine your beloved summer top with a sweater and get the layered look Louis Vuitton proposes for this fall. Take a simple light grey colored sweater and put it on. Combine it with your summer tank top over and a pair of mustard colored pants. The more interesting the top is, the better.

We all have a beloved summer top we don’t want to give up on just yet. Make sure you accessorize with a glove in the hand you have your bag on and a nice pair of warm colored pumps.

6. Comfy long knit dress

There is nothing more comfortable in a cold weather than a long knitted dress. Gabriela Hearst gives us the perfect idea of how to layer up a long knitted dress for a fall stroll in the park. Put on your long sleeve knitted dress and take an ankle long tweed vest over it. Make sure you have a comfortable thick scarf and put it on.

Combine all with a dark blue cap and a pair of long black leather army boots.

7. Cape lovers

While a cape used by itself is not warm enough, the Saint Lauren all black layered look is a great way to style up your autumn cape coat.
Take a buttoned up black shirt and combine it with a pair of black leather pants. Make sure they are ankle view so that you obtain the exact look. Take your fav black blazer and put it over the shirt. Do not close it in the front. Missed the platform boots? This is the occasion to take them out and wear them. Accessorize with a black scarf and a black suede belt.

Add the cape long coat over the outfit and here you have it, the perfect autumn layered cape outfit.

8. Long shirt dress

Your long shirt dress is a go to option every time you think of spending a day out with your friends? Rochas came up with this layered outfit so that you can wear your long shirt dress in colder autumn days as well. Combine it with a bright color high neck sweater beneath it and a pair of knee high leather animal print boots.

Accessorize with a big bucket bag and a leather belt and ready to go out.

9. Black and white

What Alexander McQueen did here is an art.

Combining black and white and arriving to this layered look is something worth trying if you are bold enough and like keeping up with the runaway.

Take your white tank top and a wavy white skirt, or replace them with a white knee length lingerie type dress. Add a long white blazer over and button it. Now here comes the interesting part – take a short biker black leather jacket and put it on. Combine the look with a pair of long white socks (make sure they can be seen from the boots) and a pair of black leather boots. Accessorize it with some statement earrings, necklaces and a two tone bag.

10. Fancy look

Dior comes with a fancy style for the colors lovers and those that want to stick a little bit longer to their short dresses. Take your color block short dress and combine it with a fur long cape coat. Accessorize it with a pair of medium length boots, a leather belt, a suede hat and a pair of sunglasses for the fall sunny days. (but cold in essence)

This look will keep you warm for sure, mainly due to the warm long fur coat.

The good thing about fall and layering is that at any time it gets warmer you can peel off the layers. Make sure you take the time to combine what you have in your dressing and layer up designer style. It is not that hard, it only needs some time, creativity, openness and love for fashion of course.

Use this fall to layer up stay warm and stylish!!!!

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