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19 Sep

10 best European destinations for this autumn

Fall globetrotting is a must for travel lovers as gold and copper colors leaves you breathless. The below European destinations tips offer a large specter, from those that love sightseeing to those that enjoy being in nature more.

Usually during autumn time, the high season is over, the streets will be far quieter and you will surely enjoy your hanging around more than during a very crowded season. You can also get better prices than during the peak of the year and enjoy eating at some of the best restaurants.

  1. Gdansk – Poland

It is the world’s capital city of amber and an attractive tourist destination. There are a lot of things to do in this modernized city – though it has over 1000 years old, it is a well-known center of culture, science, sports and entertainment.

Unsplash Photo by
Andrea Anastasakis

  1. Bordeaux, France

I have never visited France but it is for surely on my to do list. France is a beautiful country and can offer one great experiences especially gourmet ones. Bordeaux is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2007 and it is perfect for those that enjoy a fine wine and culture altogether. It is one of the most elegant cities in France. One of the best view of the city is this “water mirror”.

Unsplash Photo by Guillaume Flandre

  1. Loire Valley, France

What better place to go during autumn time than in the land of vineyards? Loving some fresh squeezed wine while enjoying the autumn views? Loire Valley is the perfect place for this. You can also enjoy its forests and its chateaus. Tasting a fine wine here will make you think differently of any other wine you will taste afterwards.

Chateau de Cheverny, Cheverny
Unsplash Photo by Dorian Mongel

  1. Hannover, Germany

Yes, I am a person that loves Germany. I can accept that there are some places there that are not as I would expect them to be, but this is mainly due to the high standards Germany has used me with. Hannover is for sure a city to try on during autumn time.

Being a keen shopping addict or just a green lover, Hannover is the perfect place for you. Here you can find a lot of parks as well as the famous shopping street in Germany – the Georgstraße. There are a lot of fairs year-round and places to visit like the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, the treasured Eilenriede forest.

Great Garden Herrenhausen

  1. Munich, Germany

Yes, you got that right. The Oktoberfest location is a must during your autumn European travels.

Starting from September you can enjoy the German traditional food, the world’s largest traditional costume parades and of course its beer festival. While this is not less crowded, it sure is a go-to period for anyone that would like to feel and taste the German traditions and celebrate with locals.

Unsplash Photo by Anastasia Dulgier

  1. Barcelona, Spain

I have visited Spain but haven’t got to visit Barcelona as well. I do love Spain, the culture, the people there, the food, what I love least is the weather.

However, during autumn time it is a better time to visit Barcelona. It is not the peak of the season, the weather is far better (or it is what I am more used to) and you will not feel overcrowded wherever you go. Have not arranged the trip to Barcelona yet, but I know that I will need more than just a long weekend – let’s say 5 days will be rather ok for a trip to Barcelona. It is a wonderful city, with a lot of great architecture, history and some of Europe’s best restaurants.

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Unsplash Photo by Ferran Fusalba Roselló

  1. Rome, Italy

All roads lead to Rome! Yeah .. it would be great if they did 🙂

Rome is a great travelling destination and a must for everyone to see – the culture, the art, the history, the food… Apart from one entire day to spend at the Vatican, there are great things to visit in Rome. Especially for the art lovers and connoisseurs, as it is an open – air museum.

Visit the Giardino degli Aranci on the Aventine Hill to see the fall colors better and as well have a great view over Rome.

You can enjoy this incredible city out of season and get to “taste” the real feeling it fills you with. If you have more time to spare, visiting its surroundings is a must – Tolfa and Sabatini Mountains, Park of Valle del Treja, Castelli Romani area.

St Peter Square, Vatican
Unsplash Photo by Cristina Gottardi

  1. Venice, Italy

It is a wonderful city to come back again and again. I simply cannot remember what I love most, but I know I had a great feeling and just loved it and remained with that feeling that I have to come back and feel it more.

Venice is a great place to spend a log autumn weekend, to relax shopping in the most exquisite shops there, to enjoy a great lunch and have a gondola ride. It is for sure one of the most romantic places I have ever visited.

Unsplash Photo by Candré Mandawe

  1. Perthshire, Scotland

Wanting just to take up on some very fresh air and to enjoy the autumn mild colors? Then Scotland is the right place for an autumn European destination. You will be able to explore the tree covered hillside and enjoy its awe-inspiring beauty with its gold and copper colors. It is the perfect place to refill your batteries for a new season.

Unsplash Photo by John Mccann

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

I have visited it times and times around and still would go again. I have mostly visited it during winter time and loved it, though the weather was freezing.

Autumn time is for sure a better season to visit as the weather is still mild and not very rainy. Added to this you will have the possibility to enjoy it without feeling too crowded wherever you go. The architecture is beautiful as it is a mix of several styles and it is a city you will not get too tired of for sure.

There is the annual grape harvest at Prague Castle (which already took place last weekend) but this Friday, September 21, Kuratické vinobraní will open and last all weekend long.

Unsplash Photo by Anthony DELANOIX

What are your destinations for this autumn?

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