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12 Sep

10 ways to style your fav white jeans this fall

I love white. The whiter the better. I have a lot of white clothes in my closet, they range from sneakers, scarves, dresses, jeans, shirts, a lot of white t-shirts, all the way up to my winter snow UGG boots and my winter snow jacket. So yep … no matter the season, white is one of my fav colors to wear. For me, the white color is an energy booster, a color that makes me feel beautiful, with or without make up.

White jeans apart from being one of my favs from my closet, are comfortable to wear, are something else apart from the blue jeans we all know and they surely look more chic and sophisticated.

They can be worn with leather jackets, with a nice elegant coat, with pumps, with sneakers’, with UGGs and a lot of combinations. This year round essential is one wardrobe item that you can have more than just one in your closet. 

  1. All-white – my fav

Since I love white, I would go for an all-white look anytime. I just had one last weekend and it felt great. Pairing your white jeans with a white sweater and your white boots (my white UGGs) will make you look out of a winter fairytale and just give you that light, properly light, feeling.

  1. Gray all over – this is an elegant color combination

White goes perfectly with gray. Wearing a gray thin sweater, a gray coat and some grey high heel suede boots will add an extra elegance to your outfit. You can never go wrong in combining white with light grey or with various gray tones.


  1. Black all over – classic combination. Coolest outfit for a great night out

While all-white may be a great combination for the daring ones that are not afraid of stepping out, the black and white combination is a cool outfit for a fall night out. Pairing your fav white jeans with a pair of black pumps and a black elegant top, will be a great combo. It is by far a boring combination and it sure is one that will add a plus of elegance to you.

Photo @cestclassique

  1. Leopard print all over

This year’s fall trend seems to be leopard print. I have my leopard custom made shoes just done and they look fabulous with a leopard print fluffy sweater and a pair of white low rise distressed jeans. Don’t forget you neutral or even leopard print bag.


  1. With an off white sweater

What is more cozy than a sweater during the late autumn evenings? We all have a sweater we just love in our wardrobe. The off white sweater makes a great combination with your fav white skinny distressed jeans. Adding a pair of stylish colored flats and a scarf, will make you just pop up.

  1. Suede leather boots or wedges – essential fall item

While it is hard to give up your summer essential shoes, I for one cannot wait to wear my suede leather wedges boots during fall time. I had them ordered specifically for me in a warm neutral color that fits just perfect with my fav white jeans. However, you can easily find them to buy. I just simply like and prefer ordering shoes specifically designed and created for me – that is apart from my beloved UGGs collection.

  1. Striped shirt

We all have a striped shirt in our wardrobe and usually it goes just perfect with a pair of white jeans, especially if the stripes combination includes white as well. If you combine it with skinny white jeans don’t be afraid to try a more lose fit shirt.

Photo @Pinterest

  1. Over the knee suede leather boots in a neutral color and a tan coat

My fav go to look for this autumn especially since I want to order a pair of over the knee neutral color boots – have to decide if I want them with a high heel or flats. The skinny white jeans will go perfectly with an over the knee cream or light brown colored over the knee boots. Add a tan long coat to the look and you will be the fashion icon wherever you go.

  1. With a blue denim shirt – my Levis light blue colored is one that I truly recommend.

An off blue denim shirt will look great with your white jeans. It will give it the proper boost for an autumn walk in the park. Combine it with an off blue light tank top beneath it and leave it open or wear it simply buttoned up. It will look great with a pair of off white or neutral colored flats.

  1. Your fav UGGs

Since I am an UGG addict and have various pairs in different colors in my wardrobe, (and an extra one for wearing inside the house), I cannot wait for the fall to come and the first day of September my UGGs are out in the open, ready to be worn. So, combining them with my white jeans, a nice blazer, may it be white, cream, beige, tan or black is a go to option for me in the autumn days.

When wearing white jeans, it is important to keep it neutral and avoid strong color combination like strong yellow’s or strong red’s.

However, if you feel confident and feel like trying something else, you can try using strong color combinations as well.

Hope you love my tips and would even try some of them. Feel free to send pics with your white jeans outfit combination or just tell us in the comments how would you wear your fav white jeans during fall time.

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