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24 Aug

Tips on how I save money while travelling in style

The new trip is coming closer and closer and I want to share with you some of my tips of how I save money while travelling. Don’t imagine that I abstain myself from the things I love, from the food I like, from the places I MUST visit or from the comfort I find in one of the best hotels of the location.

While I make sure I have all the things I need for a perfect vacation, I prepare in advance, I make the travel itinerary, and all that stuff.

I like being surprised but only by the beauty of the things I see there and the fact that I actually properly discover new things.

But this does not mean that I cannot plan almost everything in advance. I am a Capricorn and this is a zodiac sign that likes to be on top of things and makes sure she does not miss a thing of the place she goes.

  1. First I begin with finding the perfect hotel. I do this by researching in advance on different booking sites. Now that Trivago is also available I also use it, but I mainly use the website and have great deals on hotels. I do not necessarily choose the hotel according to the reviews, but mainly to my needs and the hotel amenities. Apart from this, my account on Booking offers me some rewards from time to time that help me get a better deal. The more you book with them the better deals you have with time. Moreover, if you are a regular customer of a certain chain hotel, for example Hilton, make sure you check if that location has this hotel and use the reward system available.
  2. If I intend to go somewhere we cannot reach by car or it takes too long, I make sure I use MyFlightSearch to get the best deals from different airline companies. It is important for me to book far enough in advance so that I can have a better price then booking closer to the date of leave.  Best Flight Deals to the Hottest Destinations. Save up to $20** off our fee with promo code – FLIGHT20. Book Now!   It can also help me with hotels and everything a trip needs, but I prefer not mixing things up.
  3. Convert my currency locally. Everywhere I go I know I need to have some cash on, not necessarily for restaurants but mainly for visiting places. This is a good way to keep the budget for entrances and souvenirs under control. While I used to be a freak with buying a lot of souvenirs, not only for myself but also for the loved ones; at the moment I can truly say that I grew to appreciate the memories I make while travelling and the photos i take, and I only buy souvenirs for the loved ones. It is not about money, I just believe the best souvenir you can have from a place are the memories.
  4. Make sure I have at least two pairs of comfortable shoes. Walk as much as you can walk. While we always choose to stay as close to the city center as possible, and close to the visiting spots; when going to relax as well while visiting, just like this time around when we will be going to a wellness and golf resort, it is imperious to have comfortable shoes to go around and visit. In our trips there were days when I did more than 10000 footsteps; which is a lot for me. Exploring any place you go by foot cannot compare to anything. While helping me to save money on taxis, this is a great tip to see the culture, see the locals, feel the local vibe and trip across all sorts of local things happening that you cannot find online.
  5. Choose a breakfast included hotel. Having a good hotel stay with breakfast included is a must for us. As we like visiting a lot it is important that the breakfast is good and we have enough energy to start off our day. Usually we visit a lot from the morning till after 4PM; this with a stop at a terrace or at some shopping, but while visiting we do not feel hungry and then we have a late lunch. And the dinner comes when dark sets still.
  6. Have a bottle of water on you while sightseeing. Especially during summer time this is a must. I have my yellow leather backpack where a small half a liter of bottled water can fit just perfect. Whenever I need more, I can always find a supermarket to buy one extra. But, this is a great way to save money, then to stop every time you are thirsty at a terrace and have a drink. For sure we do stop at terraces, but during sightseeing I really do not see the point, unless your feet are really sore.
  7. While eating, do as the locals do. It is wiser to eat a good meal in a good place of the city where the locals use to eat rather than being caught in the touristic industry and pay for a touristic kind of restaurants. And I tend to choose really good restaurants with great food (as I am a gourmand :)) and great ambiances, as well.  For example, for this upcoming trip I already have some restaurants in my head and also some coffee shops where locals grab their coffee in the mornings and a place where they have their best beer. (as this is Czech Republic I must drink beer)

    Czech Republic Photo credit: Nick Karvounis

  8. This leads to this next point – make sure you drink in moderation. While alcohol for sure is more expensive when eating out, experiencing the unique local beer or wine is a must wherever we go. They key is little, wise or taste drinking. 🙂
  9. Make sure you pack everything you need. For example, now that we will combine visiting the country with staying at a wellness and golf resort, it is important that I have my bathing suit and everything I need for a resort. The leopard print swimwear from Calzedonia is a great choice for your resort holiday swimwear.    
  10. Create a budget and stick to it. This is where it should all start after choosing your accommodation and transportation and lately it has proven to be not that difficult for us. As we travel quite a lot we know the prices, our shopping addicts needs, our must pit stops, our food tastes and it is quite easy to stay within the budget. However, knowing that we do have a budget helps us not overspend.

Saving money while travelling depends a lot on what type of person you are and what are your priorities. While the above are my own tips on how I try to save money while travelling in style as well, feel free to share your own saving money tips while travelling.


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