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18 Apr

Guide on how to stay stylish while on holiday in Boracay

Boracay is the new must be island. In 2017 it was named “the island that never sleeps”.

Currently Boracay is under a 6 months clean up and it will be closed starting April 26. According to the presidential spokesman the water quality is the one that made this closure come sooner rather than later. Ever since February Duterte has been describing the beautiful island as a “cesspool” that needs to be cleaned up.

Whilst waiting for this beautiful part of the world to open again, see below how to prepare for a holiday in Boracay.

There are many reasons to hit the beach and go on an exotic getaway and Boracay checks them all. You have everything you could wish for –  plenty of sun to get you sun kissed, a lot of possibilities to have fun, a great nightlife, a wonderful place to relax, rest and calm and a good place to enjoy the marine life.

These being said there is not much to say on why not choose Boracay as your next holiday location.

Perfect time of the year to be here 

The perfect time of the year to be here in, when everything is just as it is supposed to be, is from November to May. The temperatures are between 25 and 32 degrees Celsius, the humidity is not high at all and you can enjoy everything the island has to offer. A bad of being the peak of season, is that it will be very crowded, the prices will be very high, therefore you have to book months in advance to make sure you have the hotel you want etc.

However, this is a year round destination, as the seasons do  not vary so much between them. The period that I would recommend are the months between May and July. These are the months between the peak and the off peak season. They come with more possibilities to relax, to enjoy the island and to have the lodging you want. In this time of the year the temperatures can go up to 38 degrees Celsius.

The off peak season lasts from July to October when it is the rain and typhoon season. There are not so many big or dangerous typhoons here. While the off peak season is more humid, this does not mean it rains all day long. The weather can be rather blue in the afternoons, but most of the day the sun is up. Temperatures vary very little in comparison to the other two periods. Therefore, if you really need to have some time off and relax, want to have the beach almost all to yourself and do not come here mainly for parties; this could be the season for you.

No matter the season, Boracay promises the time of your life.

Boracay beaches

To be able to know what your suitcase will carry, you should know what you want from a beach. Boracay comes with an offer for all the tastes. The four beaches below are some of the most beautiful to choose from – there is the White beach – that is the largest beach here; then there is the Puka beach – this is a more laid back beach where you can relax; if you feel more adventurous you can choose the Bulabog beach and if you want to experience the true marine life, choose the Tambisaan beach.

The White beach

The biggest and the most popular beach in Boracay. It is mostly crowded in the afternoon. Around 6PM, when the sun sets it is the busiest time on the beach. People just gather around to take photos of the beautiful views.

White beach, Boracay, Thanks to Wabi Jayme on Unsplash

Puka beach

A much smaller beach than the White one and a more rustic area. It is not a good place to swim as the water increases quickly in depth. On the top of the big cliff that fronts it, in the evenings you can see big bats flying.

The Bulabog beach

This is the wind and kitesurfing spot. You can get from the White beach to this one in a 10 minutes’ walk.

Tambisaan beach

Tambisaan beach is the perfect place for the marine life lovers. The best time to be here in is during the peak season, as there is little wind and you can snorkel and see the great marine life it has to offer.

Boracay must haves for the fashion au courant  

There are two different types of fashion travelers. There are those that want to stay fashion while travelling, stick to the high class couture fashion and stand out from the crowd; and then there are those that want to blend in, pay attention to what is fashionable to the place they find themselves in and stay fashionable at the same time.

Even though it has been one of the most photographed spots in the world, Boracay is not that place where you have to come in the latest high end fashion and make an impression.

Take a peak to the below Boracay fashion style guide:

  • Hat and sunglasses are a must. On an island you would want to get sun kissed and stay safe at the same time. A hat that will cover your head while you enjoy the sun is a must and a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes fit just perfectly. Choose a light colored hat that will keep the sun away and that will go with almost anything.
  • While any fashionista has a bag at hand, going to the beach makes no difference. Make sure you have a great tote bag that will fit in all your beach essentials – sunblock cream, travel journal, camera.

    Straw Bag, H&M

  • Cut jeans – they are a must when travelling to such a wonderful island. As the weather is warm and sunny, a pair of beautiful cut out jeans in a light color, will be just great for all the activities. You can wear them while boating, sailing, island walking etc.
  • Nothing is possible with a great pair of footwear. However, for this holiday you do not need just a neutral trendy pair of flip flops, you should also get some nice sandals for going out in the evenings.
  • One piece swimsuit – while it has had its bad days, nowadays it is quite a trendy piece for your summer wear. Apart from this, it goes perfectly with that pair of cut short jeans for a beach stroll.

    Shaping Swimsuit, H&M

  • Crochet swimsuit and/or dress. They fit wonderfully in this landscape.
  • Summer is the best time to play with colors. So a neon color would tank top or swim suit suit just fine.
  • A sheer cover up for a morning stroll. You can put this over your bikinis.
  • For a sexier look, opt for a lace cover-up for evening and nights.
  • If you feel comfortable in it, take a flowing maxi dress with you for beach.
  • The nightlife in Boracay is just as active as the day life. Having a dress or skirt with a nice top will do great. No heels, whatsoever, as for sure you will stand out. Nightlife here is mainly on the beach, with open air music and drinks. So, no fancy couches etc.

With all the above packed, you will remain fashion-conscious all though your holiday. Make sure you shop way ahead for your trip to avoid people having the same items like you. A great tip to make your stay easier is to pre-style what you will be wearing each day. This will help you pack all the needing things.

With events going on all year round, with good weather all year round, with a  promise of an all year round beauty, great food at any time of the year and season, Boracay promises to give you one of the best holiday experiences you have ever had.

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